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Raw Organic Noni Fruit Juice - 32oz


Due to the fermentation of this product we do not offer refunds for leakage or loss for this shipment. The product can build pressure and cause your bottles to leak from the lids. Please take this into account when ordering Raw Noni Fruit Juice and remember to refrigerate the product as soon as you receive it.

Made from 100% natural, wild harvested, certified organic noni fruit. We cultivate our noni fruit on The Big Island of Hawaii. Noni fruit juice is optimal when produced fresh from the farm. We Pick, Rinse, Ferment, Drain, Press, Pasteurize, Bottle and ship direct to you. In Hawaii we are harvesting noni fruit all year long. We harvest our fruit daily from our many farm locations. We have a continual fresh supply of pure noni fruit juice which we would love to share with you for your good health and well being.

  • Made to order
  • Hand Picked Hawaiian Noni Fruit
  • USDA Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Wild-Harvested
  • Kosher


Certified Organic Hawaiian Unpasteurized Noni Fruit Juice 

FDA Warning:
This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.


We suggest this product be stored in a refrigerator and that it be used within 8 months from date of purchase.

Unpasteurized products are considered perishable and are prohibited by customs to be shipped Internationally.   

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    Product Reviews

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    1. Great Product!  star rating

      Posted by Barbara

      Terrific Noni juice. Bright and sparkling and clean tasting. Love raw Noni!

    2. Terrific Noni Jice and Company!  star rating

      Posted by Barbara

      My second order of 2 bottles of raw Noni juice got here in great shape and such good juice and service. Thank you so much!

    3. Great Noni juice  star rating

      Posted by Barbara

      Excellent service and great raw Noni juice. Sparkling and so good. Packaging is great also and arrived in very good condition. Love it the raw!


    4. Great NONI!  star rating

      Posted by barbara Ping Russell

      I have used Noni for years and just found out about Healing Noni. I was wanting raw pure Noni juice. This is the best Noni juice I have found ! Crisp and clean and sparkling like Noni juice should be. The packaging is so good and arrived in great shape. Michael and John are both great and answered all my many questions. I use Noni in my eyes and on burns and on face and drink it also! Great health benefits from Noni. I have used Noni from other companies and would I recommend this company and product to everyone over all the rest of the Noni companies! I have had Noni fruit and made Noni juice myself and so knew what to look for in the Juice and product. I am so pleased to find this juice and company! Thank you for a great product and company!

    5. The best Noni on the market!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I have been drinking the raw organic Noni every morning now for quite some time. 2 oz on an empty stomach to start my day. I am extremely healthy for my age and haven’t been sick in years. I really love my Noni. The delivery is very fast and well packaged.

    6. Great Product  star rating

      Posted by Bryan

      This was better than expected!! I love it!! My package arrived in excellent condition and I’m ordering two more bottles tonight.. This is working better then the fermented Noni I was drinking.. Now I need to learn about the goji!

    7. Wonderful Quality!  star rating

      Posted by Catherine

      I bought this juice to increase my wellness and I do feel it is helping. The smoky coconut flavor I had to get used to but it is just fine. Thank you healing noni for a lovely juice!!

    8. Simply the best  star rating

      Posted by Yvette

      Very happy with the packing procedures now. work wonders.

    9. Quality Product  star rating

      Posted by John in Texas

      The Organic Raw Noni Juice is excellent...just received my 4th shippment...well packaged, quick delivery and very good to keep up a healthy body!

    10. Best Noni juice ever  star rating

      Posted by pgrilloelectrician@hotmail.com

      Fast delivery best tasting no product like it

    11. Best Ever Raw Noni  star rating

      Posted by LaWanna

      This is my second order, however I ordered the Raw Noni this time around, and I must say it is very very good. The Best Ever! I will be ordering more of the Raw Noni from now on. Thanks Healing Noni. Blessings Always & In All Ways.

    12. It's the good stuff  star rating

      Posted by Arthur

      We've tried other noni but the raw organic is the best in our opinion.

    13. Fabulous Product  star rating

      Posted by Debra L Rooney

      I am extremely pleased with the Healing Noni Organic Raw Juice. The customer service for Healing Noni is awesome. I would highly recommend them to others. I was so impressed with the Noni Juice that my son is now drinking the Goji Juice and is also pleased.

    14. High Quality Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      It is a very high quality product and I recommend it highly.

    15. PUREST JUICE ON THE MARKET  star rating

      Posted by Rick Schoolcraft

      Research shows, heat from pasteurizing reduces nutrients. Exactly what my homeopathic doctor recommended. Organic juice produced with no heat and not from concentrate or puree.

    16. Raw Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      i bought two bottles to try. I like it a lot!!!! Very good quality, very good company!!!!

    17. Quality Noni Juice and Quality Company  star rating

      Posted by Satisfied Customer

      Healing Noni Juice is a very high quality product. Plan to continue.

    18. what a wonderful product  star rating

      Posted by larry arp

      noni juice is good..i recommend it to anyone

    19. Exceptional Quality  star rating

      Posted by Lucidite

      Excellent product and fast shipping :D

    20. First time  star rating

      Posted by Rich C

      I have been using Noni for a couple years with very good results! This is the first I’ve tried the Noni raw. I’m sure the results will be the same if not better. Was very pleased to find product in glass bottles instead of plastic.

    21. First time  star rating

      Posted by Rich C

      I have been using Noni for a couple years with very good results! This is the first I’ve tried the Noni raw. I’m sure the results will be the same if not better. Was very pleased to find product in glass bottles instead of plastic.

    22. Awesome Product  star rating

      Posted by Maggie

      Thanks to overseas contacts I finally was able to access some pure raw fermented organic Noni, which I had not been able to get for some time. As I opened my package I delighted in the clean smelling Noni which my body loves. A great product and I am so glad I am now able to buy this product again. I highly recommend this to anyone with health issues.

    23. Organic raw noni juice  star rating

      Posted by Merlinda

      We like it . It’s taste very fresh. I’ve been ordering from this co for years

    24. This is the good stuff!!!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I've been drinking Noni for awhile now. The last several bottles came from these guys. Very happy with the product! This time I upgraded to the raw, organic juice. Super pleased with the quality of the juice. Definitely the real deal.

    25. Simply the best  star rating

      Posted by Princess Black

      This product is really good.

    26. Raw Organic Noni tastes great  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Arrived on time, in good order, well protected for shipment. Tastes great so far as my limited exposure to Noni goes, Much better taste than 2 other brands I previously tried.

    27. RAWtastic  star rating

      Posted by ChristsPeace

      This Raw Noni Juice is amazingly refreshing, like drinking kombucha.

    28. New to Raw Noni  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Bought one bottle of Noni Juice at Grocery Outlet for the first time. After finishing the bottle,i ordered direct from the farm. I got my shipment within 2 days. The store bought raw Noni seemed darker in color and stinkier. The
      shipment of raw Noni that i ordered seems lighter in Color and less stinkier.
      When my Lovely wife and I finish our 12 bottles of Noni we will reorder some more. Customer service is great,keep up the good work.
      For me it's difficult to rate this Noni because this is my first time to use it.
      I'm not familiar with other Noni out there.

    29. Best Noni Ever!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Tahitian noni juice can't touch Healing Noni for purity and taste. I like the raw organic one best.

    30. Great Product  star rating

      Posted by Don Osborn

      Always Quality Product Great customer Service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. good juice from a reliable source  star rating

      Posted by artismo

      having lived in Lower Puna, we are familiar with noni. we have tried other suppliers and they have good products but for our money these folks have a fresher and less costly juice so we win twice.
      did i mention it usually arrives within 2 daysl

    32. Raw Organic Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by Truong N

      I have bought Noni juice for the pass several years . But this is a first time I bought the raw organic Noni juice. The raw Noni juice taste is better than I expect. I definitely will buy this great product again. Thanks.

    33. Move Over Tahitian Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by t dav

      Raw Organic Noni Juice is helping me with my healthy eating. This product doesn't have any additives: pure noni--raw.

    34. Order from the best  star rating

      Posted by MokisMama

      Every order has a 5 star rating for its freshness.

    35. great stuff  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      this is just as good as the noni i grow and ferment myself when i`m in mexico.it`s a great price also

    36. The best Noni i have tried  star rating

      Posted by Chequita

      The Noni juice taste fresh, and dont taste like other brands that i tried. I would keep buying this

    37. the best tasting noni juice  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I've been drinking noni juice for almost a year now. This Raw Organic Noni Juice tastes the best of all kinds.
      - Annis

    38. Always delivering the freshest !!!  star rating

      Posted by MokisMama

      I will not be without my Raw Noni. Amazing natural fruit

    39. Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by Dan

      I think raw organic noni juice is a great product. I have been using the product for a few years now. It tastes like @#$# (more like if you can juice tree bark) but over time I've gotten used to it.

    40. The Healing Noni is awesome!  star rating

      Posted by Ying

      I've tried Pure Noni and Raw Organic Noni. I like the Raw one while my brother likes the Pure one. The taste is not bad when you get used to it. I drink twice a day with empty stomach.

    41. Excellent Product!  star rating

      Posted by Maria

      I'm thrilled to have found this company and a pure, organic, raw noni juice. Healing Noni Company sent my order out the next day, and I received it on the mainland within 3 business days. I appreciate Healing Noni's promptness in fulfilling my order and the high quality of their product. I'm happy to have found Healing Noni. Aloha

    42. Long Time Noni User  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I have been using Noni for several years. I love using a natural product.

    43. Healing Noni No Ka Oi. Buy from the best  star rating

      Posted by MokisMama

      I've been using the Raw Organic Noni Juice. Squeeze a little lemon in it, and you wouldn't know the difference. The best out there

    44. Amazing Noni!!!  star rating

      Posted by Lucerito

      I love the noni juice, I totally recommend it to anyone!

    45. quality natural product  star rating

      Posted by William/DFS Services Unlimited

      I have been drinking/selling Noni juice for years and for the first time I tried an unpasteurized no additives and no preservatives Noni juice and I have to say clearly this is the one and you need not look for another.

    46. Superb Product!  star rating

      Posted by DavidA.

      I opted for the raw Noni Juice and I'm so glad that I did.
      I've been using regular Noni Juice for well over a decade, and I'll never go from Raw fermented, back to regular Noni Juice.

    47. This is wonderful Hawaiian noni juice  star rating

      Posted by Guiping Zhuang

      I have been taken with my husband everyday! We are all love it! Also I recommended it to my friends.

    48. Amazing stuff  star rating

      Posted by Kauai Jen

      We love this stuff. This stuff is the real deal.

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