Raw Organic Hawaiian Noni Juice

With every bottle made to order, this active, raw organic noni juice is made with aged, unpasteurized noni juice ripe from the tree, with a sweeter flavor and high nutritional value when compared to our regular or organic pasteurized juice.


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Product Details

Healing Noni’s 100% Raw Pure Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice is grown directly on our farm on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii in the most mineral-rich, virgin volcanic soil on the planet.

Every day, we pick, rinse, ferment, drain and press wild harvest raw noni fruit, turning it juice that we bottle and ship from our farm direct to you!

Our farms maintain the tradition of ancient Hawaiian farming practices from start to finish, passed down from our Kupuna for generations. It’s how we produce our noni juice with the same quality we’ve preserved for over 20 years.

We use:

  • No Water,
  • No Fruit Juices,
  • No Sugar,
  • No Additives,
  • No Preservatives.

Just 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice that is:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

Recommended Usage

Raw Healing Noni Juice is recognized to have an extra strong fermented flavor, and is somewhat tart and sweet. This product must be refrigerated as soon as it is received.

We recommend mixing 1-3 ounces of Hawaiian noni juice with 4 ounces (4 tablespoons) of grape or apple juice and drinking it on an empty stomach for an enjoyable start to your day.

Due to the fermentation of this product, we do not offer refunds for damage or leaks of your shipment. The product can build pressure and cause your bottles to leak from the lids. Due to the active state of the product, we only ship Monday through Wednesday so that your order will not sit over the weekend in transit.


Certified Organic Hawaiian Unpasteurized Noni Fruit Juice

FDA Warning:
This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
kathleen hayes

We like the raw noni juice.! It is a super body cleanser! We will be ordering it again!


Having had 2 recent surgeries creating inflammation, the Noni juice is helping out so much. Have shared with many others on the benefits!

robert silva
excellent product

I received my order of 12 organic raw noni in just a few days with all bottles fully intact. The noni is very fresh and tasteful. I have been using this product for over 5 years and will continue to use it as long as it is available. Thank you for bringing God’s fruit in a packaged bottle.

Francie Smith
Francie Smith

The noni is wonderful. I feel it has helped my digestion. Thank you for all your hard work to make it for us.

Mark Gayhardt
Amazing product

Fast service

Keshia Maximo

Works wonderfully

Leanne Bellville
Best Noni Juice EVER

Healing Noni makes the very best Noni Juice.
I started 4 months ago with 2 tablespoons a day and have worked up to 4 or 5.
Initially, I began drinking it for arthritis, and it has definitely helped my knees and hips.
I've also noticed that I've lost belly fat. I'm not working out any more than usual, but my waistline has gone down. At 56 years old, LBB (lower belly bloat) is just something you assume you have to live with, but over the last few weeks my LBB is way down, almost gone. I can only attribute that to Noni.
Hopefully, it does the same for you!

jesse geisheker
Noni come to me my precious!!!

Finally Noni I crave. I love the raw Noni. My body finally says yes to Noni!

Tommy Stryder
First rate products!

I purchased my first Hawaiian Noni Juice and Noni Honey 18 yrs ago from Healing Noni. Their products are first rate. Will continue to be a loyal customer for many years to come.

Marie Tiassom
Incredibly clean product

I got 2 bottles of the raw organic noni. Use it everyday as internal shower following with the coconut water to wash it out. It is clean and pure. I will order again soon.

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