Noni Nectar Honey

Try our exotic, raw, one-of-a-kind Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey produced by the honey bees on our farms that feast on the noni flower. It can be ingested alone to optimize digestive function, or used as a natural sweetener in teas or smoothies.


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Our one-of-a-kind Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey is not to be missed! Produced by honey bees that feast on the exotic Hawaiian noni flowers grown on our farms, this multi-use product has numerous health benefits and adds a delectable sweet flavor to snacks, drinks, or just on its own!

Just 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Nectar that is:

  • Unprocessed
  • Raw
  • No added sugar
  • Gluten Free

Our farms maintain the tradition of ancient Hawaiian farming practices from start to finish, passed down from our Kupuna for generations. It’s how we produce our noni powder with the same quality we’ve preserved for over 20 years.

Suggested Uses

To optimize digestive function: Take 1 teaspoon of Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

As a snack: Drizzle some Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey on raw nuts, goji berries, raw cacao nibs or fruit slices.

In green smoothies: Add 1 teaspoon of Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey to your home made green smoothie after blending all the ingredients.

As a natural sweetener: Can be used to sweeten green teas and Kombucha teas.


Pure Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Inge Brauns
Noni Nectar Honey

Great tasting honey! Use it everyday! Tastes great on pancakes!

Phyllis D Young
Delicious honey

I love Noni Healing Honey and use it all the time.

Bonnie Jean
Best honey on the planet

I have been searching for Noni Honey for years. When I finally found Healing Noni honey where the bees forage exclusively on noni orchards I literally rejoiced. I can’t take regular honey it is too sweet and hurts my teeth. This honey carries the healing properties of the noni fruit. I use it in my business making healing products from noni leaf. Noni Loves Noni and I love Noni!

Tommy Stryder

I love the taste and it’s healing properties.

Arthur Pea

Love it in my herbal tea and coffee. Yet, it’s healthy. I don’t drink soda or nectar juices. I also used it for my protein drinks.

Gloria Baucham

Happy with the honey. Will order more. Recommended it to friends.

Joanne Pharo
Very good!

It's quite powerful. Start with a taste and add as needed.


Noni Nectar Honey

Kaohu Smith

Amazing honey, amazing and fast shipping. My ohana and friends have hopped on the honey train!! Mahalo mahalo

Autumn Fish
Major health improvements

There is no single health supplement that I’ve taken that has such a direct and noticeable difference on my daily overall health.
From my digestive to my hair and skin, organic raw noni seems to enliven my cells.
I love the fermented bubbles when I open a bottle and now I must have it every day to start my day off right. I swear by this stuff.
Thanks for providing such a beautiful product that seems like to only do good in the world. There is no better noni juice then healing Hawaiian raw fermented noni juice in my opinion.🦋❣️

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