We started Healing Noni on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1998, after growing up hearing all about the magic of noni and experiencing the benefits of the fresh, healing juice.

Allan comes from a long line of Okinawan farmers that have been working the land for generations, while Michael was born and raised in Hawaii and wanted to use his skills to create a business that would help others.

From the start, we have been passionate about preserving ancient traditional Hawaiian methods of farming and production, passed down for generations from our Kupuna (Hawaiian for “Elders”). Our goal is to make pure noni available to everyone, with no additives, preservatives, or outrageous prices.

Today, Healing Noni cultivates over 450 acres of noni trees and is considered the largest producing Noni farm in the state of Hawaii, and one of the largest producers of Noni Juice in the world. The rich virgin volcanic soil on our farms ensures our noni trees are fruitful year-round.

We now make 50,000 gallons of Healing Noni Juice per month. Loved for thousands of years by ancient Hawaiians, our noni fruit is hand-picked, hand-washed and sun-ripened on our farms before it’s turned into Noni Juice that gets sent directly from our farm to your doorstep!

At our core, we remain a local family-run business that provides jobs and opportunities to the local people of Hawaii, while our customers in Hawaii and throughout the world experience the many benefits and rewards of healing noni.

Mahalo nui loa,

Michael and Allan