A mission to share the power of noni

From our ‘ohana, to yours

Healing Noni is a family. ‘Ohana. One made up of Hawaiian locals – descending from generations of Hawaiian culture and tradition.

We were brought up hearing about – and experiencing for ourselves – the true power of Hawaiian noni juice.

So in 1998, on the Big Island of Hawaii, we decided to share the fruit’s wonders with the world – helping people from all walks of life feel better, inside out.

Farmed on rich Hawaiian land

Healing Noni began as a small family-owned noni farm. Today, our trees span 450 acres, making us the largest noni farm in the State of Hawaii.

And with our trees planted in rich virgin volcanic soil, they remain fruitful all year round.

Impassioned about preserving our traditions

From the outset, we’ve honored Hawaiian farming and production methods. Ones passed down from our Kupuna, our Hawaiian Elders. This process involves hand-picking, handwashing, sun-ripening and juicing our noni fruit – right here on our farms.

The result is noni in its purest form. No additives. And absolutely no preservatives.