Tips For Your Noni Juice Business

We want you to create a successful Healing Noni Juice Distributor business. Here are some tips on how to start:

One way to start your Healing Noni Juice Distributor business is to place ads in all of the local newspapers, magazines, health news, and various other resources that will attract people that already know about noni. This has been the most successful way of advertising for all our Distributors.

Another way to get sales is at your region’s local Farmers Market or Flea Market or Craft Fair. Keep at least one vendor in regular supply. They could either pay you up front, or you both could split the profit.

If you do not have any capital, you can advertise and market the product, collect payment from the buyer, and then have Healing Noni drop ship directly to your customer.

This will give you an idea of the market that is out there and help inspire you to be successful.

Or you can start your Healing Noni Juice Distributor business with some upfront money and order cases of the 16 ounce or 32 ounce juice products. That way you already have the stock and can mark up the price and be making good money very quickly. We can help you with the suggested retail prices so that you can make fast sales and a good profit.

Healing Noni has helped Distributors build up their noni business from $0 to $30,000 + per month in profit! Nearly every customer is a repeat customer. Every customer that is already taking noni will see your prices, try your noni, and never buy from the competitors.

Here is what Michael, our Healing Noni Sales Manager, experienced on a visit to the US Mainland:

“I went to Sacramento, CA to test the market and see what I could do with noni. In my first month I sold $10,000 worth of noni just going out to food co-op’s, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, regular western doctors, clinics and hospitals, Veterinarians, pet stores, pet supply catalogs, flea markets, mom and pop stores, pharmacies, drug stores, vitamin shops, gyms, super markets, Alternative Health places, Farmers Markets, and placing Ads in the local papers. The only downside is that I am addicted to the waves in Hawaii and did not last long in CA, (the water is too cold!)”

Another way to capture the market with your noni juice business is to find places in your surrounding area that are already selling noni and offer them outrageous bulk prices and make nice commissions on their orders.

Whichever route you take with your Healing Noni Juice Distributor business, be assured that Healing noni will always be here to support you.

If you have any questions about becoming a Healing Noni Juice Distributor, send us an email and we will get back to you right away.


How do I become a Healing Noni Juice Distributor?

There is no paperwork to fill out. Our Healing Noni Juice Distributors buy from us at wholesale prices to resell to their customer base.

How do I get customers?

Read the tips within this section.

What if I have limited capital?

Find customers and collect payment from them. Then contact Healing Noni and we can drop ship directly to your customer.

How much should I sell Healing Noni juice for?

This is dependent on your target audience. Usually a good place to start is by checking the price of a single bottle (+ shipping) on our website and cost at the local health food store, and price it somewhere in between. Don’t be afraid to mark the price up significantly Usually the selling price will be more than 100% over your buying price. In select circumstances you may want to be more competitively priced since your volume in sales will more than make up for the lower profit margin.

Do you white label?

Yes, we can put your label on for no extra charge. We can even recommend places to get your label printed.

Can I buy bulk raw noni juice?

Yes. This is how you can get the lowest rates in the industry. Healing Noni sells bulk raw noni juice in 275 gallon totes and we can supply over 25,000 gallons per month. We are the farmer direct source for bulk noni juice.

Can I get exclusivity in my area?

Yes. However this is not something we discuss until we have an ongoing relationship with a Healing Noni Juice Distributor. Naturally, this would require sufficient quantities of noni juice to be purchased regularly.