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100% Hawaiian Noni Juice

Can Not Live Without Noni

~ Victor Solia

Pure, 100% natural, wild harvested noni juice.

No added sugars. No fruit juice concentrates. No nasty chemical additives. No funny business.

  • 100% pure Hawaiian noni Juice
  • Non GMO
  • Hand picked on our farms on the Big Island of Hawaii in the lower Puna regions
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • No Sugar Added
  • Wild-Harvested
  • Kosher
Free Shipping*

    *Free shipping on all Mainland USA orders.
    For international shipping see our shipping rates.

    *Free Shipping

    Free shipping on all Mainland USA orders.
    For international shipping see our shipping rates.

    Farm Fresh

    Our Noni Juice comes straight from our farm to you. Grown, picked, and packaged by us. You can't get fresher than that!

    100% Pure

    Highest quality & standards.
    No preservative, additives, or water added.

    More About This Product

    Healing Noni Juice contains only one ingredient—Pure Natural Noni Juice. That’s our guarantee to you! At Healing Noni, each noni fruit is handpicked, carefully washed and sun-ripened to retain all its amazing nutrients and provide you with a naturally potent nutrient powerhouse.

    Did you know?

    Noni, Morinda citrifolia, has been extensively utilized in traditional Polynesian medicine for over 2000 years. These natural healers used noni to treat various ailments including high blood pressure, diabetes and cancerous growths.

    Suggested Use

    Drink 1 oz (2 tbsp) daily. For best results take on an empty stomach. If desired mix with fruit juice.


    • 100% pure Hawaiian noni juice

    Product Reviews

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    1. Great product and a great value  star rating

      Posted by Bradley

      I was having a problem ordering the product I use and they called me right back and took care of the problem.
      Great product and a great value, plus free shipping.

    2. It's great.  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Have taken Noni for over 20 yrs. Taste good, we take it right from bottle not adding anything to it.

    3. SAME EFFICACY IMO  star rating

      Posted by PalmettoPiedmont

      I was a "distributor" for a well known MLM years ago and their noni product - sourced back then solely from Tahiti - was excellent.

      But over-the-top expensive...

      They claimed it was all about "terroir" and that in no way could the efficacy of "their" noni be equaled...

      Well I'm here to tell ya that that ain't necessarily so...

      You get the same efficacy with HEALING NONI and I won't even go into the cost difference.

      Bon appetite and be well!

    4. Winter Tonic!  star rating

      Posted by Janet Sunderland

      Noni juice keeps my joints from aching so I can keep moving happy. It's a shot of Hawaii twice a day. Couldn't be better.

    5. Excellent product!!!  star rating

      Posted by Marlene

      I've been using Healing Noni for many years. 1 oz a day first thing in the morning has kept me healthy and free from colds and the flu. Orders are delivered quickly and I've never received a damaged glass bottle.

    6. Great Stuff  star rating

      Posted by Sherry

      Skin feels softer and swelling in leg is improving after 3 weeks of daily use

    7. Good customer service and great product  star rating

      Posted by Brad Nicks

      I have been buying this Noni for a few years now and when I had a problem with an order I was promptly called back and the problem was resolved.
      Great company!

    8. credit my health partially to Noni Juice.  star rating

      Posted by Patricia in TN.

      I am 66 years old and have been taking noni juice daily for over 10 years. Along with a healthy diet and exercise I credit noni juice for my health. I have some arthritis which causes me discomfort unless I take my noni juice, this enables me to continue to be very active. My Doctor is amazed at my age I have no medical diagnosis and take no medication.

    9. As good as it gets!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      The headline says it all, I'll keep getting this as long as I can afford it!

    10. Healing Noni is the Best  star rating

      Posted by Buddy the Wolfdog

      I take Noni juice first thing every morning and it helps me make it through the day with less suffering from pain. Sometimes my dog will nudge my leg while I'm taking it and I will give him a little bit too; he's old, like me, and we both know what is good for us.
      Have a Blessed Day.

    11. Noni 20 years and counting!!  star rating

      Posted by Ron Colonna


    12. One Pleased Customer  star rating

      Posted by Tom Binard

      I started drinking Noni juice (a different and pre-mixed brand) in 1998 to see if it would help my gout problem. At times I would get such severe attacks of gout that I would be on crutches if it arrived in my feet. In my hands or wrists I would be unable to wash or do any simple things like hold a coffee cup. Both of my wrists had permanent lumps at the joint that would swell and throb with pian with any attack of gout. After several months of drinking a couple of ounces of juice in the morning I noticed the swelling in my wrists was going away and the attacks were somewhat less painful.
      While visiting Hawaii in 2001 I found Noni juice readily available in the pure form at stores and farmers' markets and thought that it would be better to drink the 100% pure version or mix it myself for taste.
      I rarely have any visits of gout nowadays and if I do it's just a small passing pain in the joints that doesn't affect my performance at all.
      I know there are no claims as to the medical benefits of Noni juice, but I'm convinced that a natural product like this has certainly boosted my immune system and helped me avoid the scourge of gout. I just wish it would help grow hair on a bald head...

    13. Great Pain Reliever And Antiinflammatory  star rating

      Posted by Nancy Wagner

      Since 1998, I have suffered with bulging lumbar discs and severe stenosis.
      This condition caused me to limp and require a hip replacement in 2005. I had a lumbar laminectomy in 2009, following 8 months confined to bed with severe pain. After this surgery, I healed well and began taking 2 oz. daily of noni for pain and inflammation. Last year my condition worsened, and I have had severe sciatica, numbness, tingling, and inability to stand for more than a couple of minutes. My neurosurgeon says that my condition is inoperable. Therefore, I take about 4 oz. of noni daily at bedtime. Noni helps me to take only small, occasional doses of the opiate painkillers and keeps me from becoming drug- dependent.
      My grandson who lives with me suffers from occasional migraine headaches. He says that 2 oz. of noni relieve his headaches completely in less than 30 minutes.

    14. Classic Noni Benefit  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Have used noni from alternate sources and this product provides the same expected results for my wife's and my osteoarthritis as well as wound/surgery recovery. Greatest of all the the price/quantity advantage of being able to buy in bulk quantities available no place else I know of.

    15. My Only Medicine  star rating

      Posted by Arkansas Mike

      I have dealt with severe pain for year and had several back surgeries and was taking several different pain medications that could not be taken if I had to drive somewhere.
      I heard about Noni juice and gave it a try a couple of years ago and it worked wonders for me. Then I found out about Healing Noni. I love the prices and the fast shipping. But most of all, I love the fact that I don't have to take any pain medicine anymore -- just Noni juice every day.
      Thank you so much for your Healing Noni juice!

    16. Excellent Pure Supplement And Antioxidant  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Excellent supplement, additive to,my horses daily feed and
      wonderful antioxidant!.
      Order and shied within 3-4 days. . .

    17. Good Product  star rating

      Posted by cthomas

      Good product easy to order and fast delivery.

    18. Boost Your Health  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Great product, fast shipping, price okay - will order again

    19. Great Company With Great Service!!  star rating

      Posted by granny2d in Tennessee

      Great produt! Great price! Fast as lightning shopping! A very happyrepeat customer!

    20. VERY GOOD PRODUCT  star rating

      Posted by Sebastien G.

      Help Stabilize my blood pressure
      Good company with a good delivery service

    21. Happy With Healing Noni  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      The fact that I know this product is natural and with no side effects is great for me. This is my second buy and the price was unbeatable. The taste is not as bad as I read from some taking it. I started with mixing it with water but now taking it straight and already used to the taste. I bough some for my sister who complained of lack of energy and talks of improved energy and moods so this time I bought 8 jugs of 128 OZ so far so good...customer service superb and shipping is lightening fast

    22. Very Good Product And Fast Delivery  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      My friend asked me to try this product because she drunk this for year and because it helped her health situation.
      I tried it just a month ago and it helped me felt better in a few different ways such as sleep, eat, activity, and digest
      I'll tell all my friends about this product. Thank you for a good product and a super fast delilvery

    23. Excellent For Pain Control  star rating

      Posted by Nancy Wagner

      As someone with an inoperable back condition--herniated discs and severe stenosis--I appreciate that taking about 4 oz. of noni helps to relieve pain of sciatica and other nerve pain and reduces the need for narcotic pain medications.

    24. Wonderful Noni  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Have been drinking Noni Juice for a few years and found this company very reasonable and reliable to purchase from. Good prices and shipping is great, comes within a couple days.......faster from Hawaii than our mainland shipping services. Phenominal!

    25. Is A Ten Year Trial Long Enough ?  star rating

      Posted by Alex Hamilton. Knoxville. Tennessee

      My wife and I have been taking the Healing Noni for in excess of ten tears now. We both enjoy good health in all respects. I cannot verify that this is entirely due to taking our Noni Juice, however, when travelling we have been without and feel the difference once we return to our regular usage. I would not be without our Noni, and we purchase 8 half gallons at a time, with these lasting us about 6 months. It goes without saying....that I recommend the Healing Noni highly to all that wish to maintain good health.

    26. Awesome  star rating

      Posted by Sue Elliott Bennet, Nebraska

      We have used this product for at least 3 years and have never felt better(ie. we never get colds that last more than 1 day and I don't remember the last time we had any stomach upset. My husband (age 62). myself (age 59) and our son (age 21) take an ounce of this each and everyday. It's an awesome juice.

    27. Outstanding  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Been doing 1.oz daily for two years, nothing but good energy for the chores.

    28. Metabolism Booster  star rating

      Posted by OC

      Only been taking it few weeks, hopefully it will help lessen my chronic migraines.

    29. Works For Me!  star rating

      Posted by Sunderland

      After spending most of my life with an acidic system that caused stomach problem, joint aches, and assorted other cranky system operations associated with an acidic system, I began taking noni juice. While I can still become sore or stiff after a hard workout, the soreness leaves by the next day and the painful inflammation in my joints is gone. Gone!

    30. Noni For Life  star rating

      Posted by Holly Fox

      I've been drinking Noni from this company for over a year now and I don't ever want to live without it! I can truly say it has changed my life. I take it for mostly the energizing benefits. I take a shot glass full in the morning on an empty stomach and then again in the afternoon when I start to feel tired (around 2 p.m.). Although some people think I'm crazy--and they might be partially right ;-) I swear by this stuff. I recommend it to anyone that wants to feel clear headed and full of energy! I can also claim (although I do not know if it is due to the Noni) that I have not been sick in over two years-- not even a common cold. Thank you!

    31. 12 Plus Years Of Using Healing Noni  star rating

      Posted by Alexander Hamilton

      I have been a loyal user of Healing Noni for in excess of 12 years. For us the
      half gallon is the most convenient size. My wife and I both consume a
      little over an ounce each per day. Can't verify that it is because we use the Healing Noni, but we both have regular bowel movements, clear and firm skin, and we enjoy good health in all other respects, however, we do put our good health down to our taking Noni regularly... I am 79 and my wife is 68, and we wouldn't be without it, we have been on a trip without the Noni, and we sincerely missed having it. I recommend it to friends often.

    32. Can Not Live Without Noni  star rating

      Posted by Victor Solia

      I start taking noni 3 months now my wife and son are taking evry morning
      what great benifits, I use to take all kind vitamins I stop all, just Noni now,
      it get me thru allday with lots of energy, given to my frend, she love it same result as us, this company noni is 100% pure.

    33. Great Product!  star rating

      Posted by Tax Person

      I have been using this noni juice for several years and rarely ever get sick. I feel that it keeps my immune system healthy.

    34. I Suggest Noni To Friends And Family.  star rating

      Posted by Robert Jernigan Sr.

      I was on plavix, celebrex, and about 4 other strong medications plus baby aspirin and pepcid ac. I have 4 stints in my heart, a Titanium hip joint and a few fused spinal Vertebrae and I am a 14 year survivor of prostate cancer. I have not taken a pill one, since I started using Noni Juice back in 2010. I suggest you take it.

    35. Dilevered On Time  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      i would recomend noni to anyone wanting better health i have poychstic liver diease and it has made a big diference

    36. Timley Delivery  star rating

      Posted by Ken

      Noni makes me have more energy without being hyper. Helps control appetite and weight gain. Try it for 30 days and see for yourself.

    37. Excellent Product!!!  star rating

      Posted by Marlene

      It takes a while to get used to the bitter taste but you will. I've used this product for many years. It has helped me avoid catching the flu or colds. The flu bug actually found me this year for the first time in over 10 years. It was so mild I hardly noticed it. Lasted a few days instead of 2 weeks that others around me suffered. The shipping from this company is first class. Always on time or sooner than expected.

    38. Just As Advertised, No Complaints  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Product is the real deal

    39. I Love Noni  star rating

      Posted by Theresa

      I've been drinking Healing Noni Juice for about 7 years and my health is great.

    40. Best Noni Ever  star rating

      Posted by Kimberly

      I have purchased Noni Juice for many years now and have found it to be the only thing that has helped me with my osteoarthritis naturally. I decided to see if it was really working one time so I stopped taking it for about 3 days and I got to the point where I couldn't hardly even move at all. I started right back on it and I was back to normal in just a few days. Now I know for sure it does work for me at least.

    41. The Best Product  star rating

      Posted by Deborah Belland

      Noni has kept me healthy. My knees don t hurt when I m on noni when don t take noni for about three weeks my knees start hurting again. Plus it helped in many other ways .

    42. Excellent Product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      They say "Guaranteed additive free - no preservatives, no water, no sugar, no fruit juices or any other flavors added. " That's why I get it ! Noni has tremendous benefits.

    43. Very Good Product.  star rating

      Posted by Waldemar Boeshans

      Very Good product. I love Noni and Prompt Delivery .

    44. You Can FEEL The Difference!!!!!!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Noni makes a great improvement in overall healthy feeling as well as attitude.

    45. Wouldn't Be Without It  star rating

      Posted by Sandy

      I am a newcomer to Healing Noni, which was recently highly recommended by an old friend. I have been coping with ongoing bowel problems for over a year now, and am so very thankful to have discovered this wonderful product. Healing Noni has, quite literally, made all the difference to my quality of life. Due to my own fault I was without it recently for one whole week, and noticed the difference immediately. Night and day! I have now proved to myself beyond a doubt that, for me personally, "daily Noni is a must" .. Thank you, Healing Noni, for providing such a wonderful , health-giving product.
      What a blessing!

    46. Happy With Noni  star rating

      Posted by Mike

      I've been drinking a shot a day for the past 5 months and I can tell the days I forget or for some other reason don't get my noni. I feel different, less energized. Maybe it's all in my head but I continue to drink and be happy with noni.

      My dad, on the other hand, swears up and down by it. This is a man who eats Durian every week but was utterly repulsed by noni. He now takes it daily and says it noticeably eases arthritis, even taking away pain. Add to this the price and ease of buying/shipping online? It's a no-brainer :)

    47. Very Happy To Have This Product!!!  star rating

      Posted by Lily

      I have been using this particular Noni juice for about 10 years. I used to have migraine attack 2-3 times per week. Now I have it 2-3 times per year. Everything I have is just tensive headache. I had cold sore on my lips every month. Now it's just once or twice per year. My general condition is way much better. Every morning I have a shot of Noni. I really like this product. Just order another case.

    48. Supper  star rating

      Posted by Gary

      Very good noni juice quality and very fast shipping. Thanks.

    49. Best Place To Buy Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by joyce

      this is a wonderful juice.

    50. A Must For Good Health!  star rating

      Posted by Jim Walsh...Kingston, NY

      I started using Noni 4 years ago when I found out I had bladder cancer. After a couple of months drinking Noni juice I felt a change in my body, a few months later I had to go for biopsies and I came back with a clean bill of health. A quick finish to my story, it is now four years later and I have been totally free of cancer, and after my last biopsy my doctor said to me my bladder looks like a normal bladder....he was amazed!

    There are much cheaper noni juices out there. How is that possible?

    Many companies are selling noni ‘juices’ that are nothing but juice made from reconstituted noni puree or from noni concentrates. And several noni juices out there contain a hint noni juice diluted in water (and loads of sugar) or mixed in fruit juice. We farm and provide the highest quality pure noni juice.

    What are the health benefits of noni juice?

    Noni juice is naturally rich in various antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can:

    • Anti-Oxidant
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Immune Booster
    • Help chronic fatigue and fluctuating energy levels

    How can I benefit the most from Noni juice?

    To reap the most benefits, consume noni juice (about 1 to 3oz) in the morning on an empty stomach.

    You can also consume it 20 to 30 minutes before your meals or about 1 ½ to 2 hours after eating.

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    Wherein "100% pure" is mentioned in connection with our noni products it means no preservatives, no water, no sugar, no fruit juices or any other flavors are added.

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