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Why Buy From Us

Our daily mission at Healing Noni Company is to supply the world with the purest, most healing noni juice possible in order to help each and every person realize better health, while still providing our products at a price everyone can afford.

There are a few key differences between our Hawaiian Noni fruit Juice and other noni juice products. I think it is important to state the fact that Noni is Noni, and Noni is - in my view - the most miraculous ancient Herb ever discovered. However, this is not to say there aren’t key things to consider when purchasing Noni Juice.

Here are a few important questions a person should ask when looking for the best Noni juice:

  • Is it completely pure, with NO Additives such as water, sugar, fruit juice, preservatives, etc?

  • Where is the Noni fruit grown?

  • What is the process used to produce the Noni juice?

  • And of course, what is the price?

Our Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice and Certified Organic Noni Juice is guaranteed completely additive free! We do not add anything such as fruit juice, sugar, water or preservatives. All our Noni fruit is grown in the lower Puna regions of the Big Island of Hawaii, in the mineral-rich, virgin volcanic soil. This soil is so full of nutrients that it actually adds to the healing potency of the juice.

We also add multi-tons of organic fertilizers, mulch, seaweed, coral, and other soil amendments to our Noni trees.

We do not believe in watering down our juice just because some people may not like the smell or the taste. If you do not like the taste of Noni fruit juice, then you can add your own fruit juice, at least you know how much Noni juice you are actually taking every day, and how potent the Noni juice really is!

Other Noni Suppliers provide people with education about Morinda citrifolia and Noni juice products - and this is great - but unfortunately their Noni juice is watered down with various fruit juices and additives – not to mention the fact that it is 4 times the price of ours.

What differentiates our Noni juice from the rest of the world’s is that we keep every step of the process close to home. We personally farm, produce, and market all our own Noni Fruit Juice. This makes it so we can provide the highest quality juice, at the lowest prices on the world market.

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