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Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice

• Healing Noni 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice is made from ripe, whole Noni fruit that is grown within the mineral rich, virgin soil of the Big Island of Hawaii from our Farm direct to you!

• Healing Noni Farmers pick, rinse,  ferment,  drain, press, pasteurize, bottle and ship wild harvest Noni Fruit into a Noni Juice.  We harvest our fruit daily to bring you a continually fresh supply of pure Noni Fruit Juice.

• Healing Noni Fruit Juice uses No Water, No Fruit Juices, No Sugar, No Additives, No Preservatives. Just 100% Pure Hawaiian Grown Noni Fruit Juice.

  • Non GMO
  • Hand Picked Hawaiian Noni Fruit
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

Healing Noni Fruit Juice is offered direct from our Noni farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Healing Noni Fruit Juice is naturally prepared with traditional methods of fermentation.

The preparation of Healing Noni Fruit Juice includes a full fermentation period of 2 - 5 weeks. Healing Noni Fruit Juice is recognized to have a strong fermented flavor, and is somewhat tart and sweet.

Healing Noni has been found to mix well with other juices. For those who are not yet familiar with the taste of Healing Noni Juice we recommend mixing it with 4 ounces (4 tablespoons) grape or apple juice and drinking it on an empty stomach for an enjoyable start to your day.






*Free Shipping applies to USA orders only.

    *Free shipping on all Mainland USA orders.
    For international shipping see our shipping rates.

    *Free Shipping

    Free shipping on all Mainland USA orders.
    For international shipping see our shipping rates.

    Farm Fresh

    Our Noni Fruit Juice comes straight from our farm to you. With Fruit Grown, picked, and processed by us. You can't get fresher than that!

    Pure Noni Fruit

    Highest quality & standards.

    More About This Product

    Healing Noni Fruit Juice contains only one ingredient—Pure Natural Noni Fruit Juice. That’s our guarantee to you! At Healing Noni, each noni fruit is handpicked, carefully washed and sun-ripened to retain all its amazing qualities and provide you with a naturally potent liquid dietary suppliment.

    Healing Noni's 100% Natural Farm Direct Noni Fruit Juice is produced using natural methods. We use only ripe whole noni fruit.

    The Noni Tree, known scientifically as Morinda citrifolia, is an ever-bearing flowering fruit tree. More than 400 reviews identifying the Noni fruit tree as a unique plant are kept at the PubMed resource website of the National Institute of Health. The Noni fruit turns yellow and white as it ripens after having bloomed more than 100 flowers. The noni fruit is special in that it begins to ferment on its own very rapidly after it is removed from the tree. Within a few days of picking juice naturally seeps from the Noni fruit. We drip and cold press our juice after a 2 to 4 week full-term period of fermentation. This is suggested by the research at the University of Hawaii to be the period required for a full fermentation of the noni fruit.

    Healing Noni Company offers absolute 100% Pure farm fresh fermented Noni fruit Juice. Healing Noni offers Farm Direct ordering. Farm direct means we control the whole process from the planting of the seed, to the nurturing of the tree, to the harvesting and juicing of the fruit, ensuring that the whole process is done with upmost care and quality so that we can provide the highest quality Hawaiian Noni juice for you.

    Noni juice has a golden amber to reddish dark brown color, depending upon the age of the Noni juice, noni fruit juice is known to darken as it ages. It takes about 5 lbs of Noni fruit to make a quart of noni fruit juice, this means you will have 12.8 whole noni fruit in every 32oz bottle of our noni fruit juice.

    When taste is a concern Healing Noni recommends flavoring our pure Noni Juice with natural grape, raspberry, cranberry apple or blueberry juice as needed to give it a delicious, fruity taste. Noni can have a very unique strong taste that one may take a moment to become antiquated with. However, many of our customers report that they have come to like the flavor of Fresh Pure Noni Fruit Juice and prefer taking it by itself.

    Some producers and processors of other branded noni juices on the market have already added varying amounts of other fruit juice and flavor to their Noni beverage. Healing Noni alternatively offers 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice directly from the source, our orchards on the Big Island of Hawaii. When you purchase our 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice, Certified Organic Noni Juice or Raw Certified Organic Noni Fruit Juices you can be certain that you are getting the highest quality noni fruit juice, and as always, at the lowest price on the market.

    Did you know?

    Noni, Morinda citrifolia, has been extensively utilized in traditional Polynesian Cultures for over 2000 years.

    Product Reviews

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    1. Healing NONI  star rating

      Posted by Doug Cupps

      First time customer - now a lifetime customer. Excellent product. I have been using an over the counter NONI purchased at a local store. Yours is much fresher. Also impressed with the great price, packaging and prompt shipment. Glad I found you via the internet.

    2. KEEPS US YOUNG AND HEALTH  star rating

      Posted by JUDY SUNDBERG


    3. healing Noni works.  star rating

      Posted by winnie Powell

      I feel my best while taking Noni.

    4. Awesome drink  star rating

      Posted by MARCIA



    5. Great product and super fast free delivery!  star rating

      Posted by Lois

      I usually order 6/ 32 oz. bottles to get the deep discount. The ordering process is very easy and my juice arrives very quickly from Hawaii to PA in 4 days. I love the new method of packing the bottles in air filled cushioned sleeves. Even all the handling I'm sure these bottles undergo does not affect the product. I've never had a broken bottle. The email that is sent tracking my package is also excellent! I will always be a customer!

    6. Great Quality Noni Product, Fast SHing  star rating

      Posted by Dennis

      We love it every morning, feel better, look younger (so people tell us) and we know its good for us. Healing Noni is my go to, and when bought in bulk (12 bottles) better price and lightening fast shipping.

    7. Must have!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I'm 61 and been using Noni Juice for about two years. Can't imagine how I'd get through the twelve hour swing shift I work without it!

    8. Great tasting healing Noni  star rating

      Posted by Liz

      I discovered this product through the instructor of a healthy living course I was enrolled in. I couldn't believe how great this Noni tasted because the Noni I sampled in the past was awful. I was so pleasantly surprised to find your Noni not only good to drink but also is a healthy, raw tonic. I feel good drinking it first thing in the morning. I bought the 12 pack because I don't want to run out. The bottles were packaged well---no breakage and I refrigerated upon upon arrival. Love my Noni!!!!

    9. What Noni is all about  star rating

      Posted by Ernie

      Great adaptagen at a great price. Works to reduce arthritis like you are expecting. Convincing performance as advertised.

    10. Great tasting Noni juice!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I had tried Noni juice with another brand. It was not raw and pasteurized and tasted awful. I really like the taste of this juice. I'm planning to order more.

    11. Sugar  star rating

      Posted by Alan H

      Since using noni my a1c has dropped from 6.3 to 5.6

    12. Noni Juice is the best and great shipping reliability!  star rating

      Posted by Lois Kruzlik

      I have been using Noni Juice for over a year now. The shipping is very reliable even around holidays so I'm never without it! I have tried other juices but Noni is the best.

    13. Pain relief  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I had hernia surgery and It helped with pain control

    14. Works for me!  star rating

      Posted by Joe W.

      Healing Noni juice eases my aches & pains that we all get as we age. I take no other medications for my general health. All natural is the best for our bodies.

    15. The best product ever  star rating

      Posted by Lily

      I've been using Noni juice for 15+ years and buying from this company. Great product and service and reasonable price. Thank you guys!!!

    16. I have drank this juice for many, many years.  star rating

      Posted by Ethel

      I start drinking Noni Juice. Then I start drinking Noni Goji juice which I was also pleased with. Lately I haven't been able to get the Noni Goji juice combined, so I am back drinking the Noni Juice. It's all goo and I will continue to drink this juice.

    17. Better taste  star rating

      Posted by D J Humphreys

      Much better taste than in past. I actually look forward to my ounce of Noni.

    18. Noni juice  star rating

      Posted by Derek

      I love using this product pity it is so far away but I have been getting it for a few years.

    19. Healing Noni Rules!  star rating

      Posted by C. Kent

      Healing Noni is the best and most cost-effective of noni products that I've found. Please keep up the good work, as so many of us count on Healing Noni.

    20. I will not be without my Noni juice!  star rating

      Posted by Lois

      The shipping is wonderful and right when I need it every month.

    21. A Great way to start the day!!!!!  star rating

      Posted by Barbara

      My Husband and I have been taking Noni for years. It is a super way to start the day. We get the most bottles at a time to save money.

    22. Cholesterol Down  star rating

      Posted by Real McCoy

      Returned from my doctor and my blood test show decrease in cholesterol, not been ill since drinking Noni two years ago. I will continue to drink a ounce a day.

    23. Use Noni Juice...... You won't be sorry!  star rating

      Posted by Lois K.

      Not only is it a great product but the customer service and free shipping from Hawaii is amazing. I always receive my orders in a timely fashion and free of shipping charges. Before hooking up with Noni, I was using a competitor and there is no comparison! They truly are in a league of heir own!!

    24. Have used for years and have enjoyed benefits  star rating

      Posted by James Austin

      One shot a day in my morning drink!

    25. Love It  star rating

      Posted by GrandpaCan

      I have used this product for almost 2 years now, I plan to keep using this product continuously.

      Also, ordering it from the grower makes it affordable.

    26. Top quality Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by ALT

      I very much enjoy using your Noni Juice ...
      My horses benefit from it too! Have a great healthy glow!!!
      Thanks you so much!
      Sorry for you loss last Year from the lava flow . . . .
      Hoping you can re gain your supplies!

    27. Awesome drink  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I have been using your noni juice for years and love it. I also give it to our little dog Sarah and she loves it plus our cats use it.

      I give my husband the Noni powder which seems to help him also.
      Thank you for your wonderful products. They are great.

    28. I have used Healing Noni for several years.  star rating

      Posted by Ethel Taylor

      I have used Goji Noni juice for several years. The taste is not bad. I drink a dose every morning to help start off my day. I was disappointed that they were out of the size I normally order, nevertheless the company was still able to supply me with some. I plan to keep on using it.

    29. Live it  star rating

      Posted by Iva

      It’s the best noni juice in the market.

    30. One items we wouldn't be without.  star rating

      Posted by Alex Hamilton. Knoxville. TN.

      My Healing Noni is one item my wife and I wouldn't be without. Can't give you any specific reason, but we have been ordering and using the Healing Noni for over 15 years. Considering that I'm in my 80's and my wife in her 70's, we're told regularly that e look 15 years younger.

    31. good stuff  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      I have been buying from you for some years now and my wife love the stuff, so if it makes her happy, I am as well.
      p.s. the shipping is fast. thank you, jim

    32. loved it!  star rating

      Posted by Maria

      husband momma sister auntie all love this stuff!!

    33. pure noni taste anywheres from bad to terrible  star rating

      Posted by pwseymore

      Their noni is the best tasting I have found, been drinking noni for more than 20 years and there prices are best also


      Posted by Unknown


    35. Can’t go without Noni!  star rating

      Posted by Susan Miller.

      Great stuff. I have taken it every day for several years.
      I would definitely recommend trying it!

    36. I havd taken your noni for about 7 years  star rating

      Posted by

      Many thanks for the price of your noni.

    37. Noni juice is the best  star rating

      Posted by Georgia M Little

      The doctors wanted to know what I was doing, I told him I was taking an ounce of Noni juice daily. I am getting back on it today.

    38. It taste like the NONi I tried in Central America, of course without the seeds.  star rating

      Posted by CYO

      It arrived really fast to NY, it took a while to arrive at my Mother's address in Miami, Florida. My Mother loves the taste!

    39. Love getting Noni direct from you guys  star rating

      Posted by Dennis Tojo

      Aloha You Guys,
      Been getting Noni from Grocery Outlet here in the Bay Area. They have a hard time keeping a consistent supply. Good to see I can get it direct from the source. Love the products. Use both Noni and Goji . Shipping was fantastic.

      Let me know where else I can by your products in the Bay Area.
      Hope you guys didn't get to wasted from the Hurricane. Keep up the good work.

    40. As good as advertised  star rating

      Posted by Mark

      Good to know that somebody is working hard to put a good product out at a fair price. We've used the other brand that adds fruit juice to make it more palatable but this product really doesn't need it. If you've ever had cider vinegar, this product is better tasting than that and is less than half the price without the additives.

    41. Miracles do happen  star rating

      Posted by James south

      I've been drinking the Noni juice for 7 years now.

    42. Bottle Package  star rating

      Posted by Yens2000

      Security Shrink Band of bottle caps was improved. Excellent!!

    43. God’s gift  star rating

      Posted by Western Red

      Been using this for many years.

    44. Wonderful Health Supplement  star rating

      Posted by Helen Betzenhauser

      I started using Noni Juice almost a year ago.

    45. Still the one after 20 years!  star rating

      Posted by Lynn

      A wonderful quality juice at a very reasonable price. For 20 years Healing Noni has been my go to for quality product, price, shipping and efficient service...never disappointed!

    46. The Absolute Best Noni Juice  star rating

      Posted by LaWanna

      Healing Noni is the best, it's very good for my health. I take it first thing in the morning straight. Thank you Healing Noni for all you do. I'll be ordering the raw noni soon. Thank you once again, For knowing THE LEAVES OF THE TREE ARE FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS! Rev.22:2. Blessings to you always and in all ways. LaWanna

    47. best price  star rating

      Posted by johnny

      I have taken noni for 4 years.

    48. A shot a day!!  star rating

      Posted by Susan J Hatling

      Have used for years and will keep doing!!

    49. Quality product and Customer Service  star rating

      Posted by R. Huff - Maine

      Very pleased with my purchase. I love that it comes from where it is farmed. The delivery was quick, even though they were in the midst of a volcano eruption! Before ordering, I called to ask about the product and received 5 star customer service. The gentleman I spoke with not only knew everything about the product, he also had hands on experience with it! Thank you!

    50. Best noni drink so far!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown

      Taste may not be so good at first but when you get use to drinking it regularly, you won't mind the taste at all. Fast shipping is very impressive. I will buy it again for sure!

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    Frequently Asked Questions:


    1. What is Noni?

    Noni is the common Hawaiian name for the tree Morinda citrifolia. The noni plant is a type of evergreen ranging in size from a small bush to a tree 20 or 30 feet high that grows in open coastal regions from sea level to elevations of 1300 feet. The noni fruit is approximately the size of a potato and has a lumpy appearance due to it being a flowering fruit with a waxy, semi-translucent skin that ranges in color as it ripens from green, to yellow, to almost white when it is ripe and ready for juicing.

    The noni fruit has been a traditional food of the Hawaiians and Polynesians for thousands of years and is now gaining more and more interest in our modern times by many people around the world. Numerous scientific studies lend support to idea of the noni fruit having a place in the regular diet of humanity.


    2. How do I add Noni Fruit Juice to my diet?

    Noni fruit juice is a natural fermented food, it is impossible to use to much noni! A recommended serving is 1oz once. It is often preferred to drink noni fruit juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or half an hour before meals. Once you become acquainted with noni you can manage your usage as desired.

    It is perfectly fine to blend your noni fruit juice with other fruit juices or water.


    3. What is the shelf life of Healing Noni Fruit Juice?

    Healing Noni Fruit Juice is conventionally pasteurized giving the product a commercial shelf life of 2 years from the date it has been made. Our product is made daily on our farm and shipped directly to our customers. 

    The Noni Fruit Tree continually produces its fruit through all seasons of the year. Healing Noni harvest year around to provide premium fresh noni fruit juice. A selection of Hawaiian noni fruit juice from Healing Noni typically was bottled no more than two weeks prior to any order. This ensures a great expectation of expiry. Our customers appreciate this, it allows them to stock up, while receiving quantity discounts with Healing Noni's wholesale farm direct prices, on the most affordable noni fruit juice in the world.

    Once opened our pasteurized noni fruit juice is expected to be refrigerated. Once refrigerated the expectation of use is 8 months after opening.

    Healing Noni also offers Organic Raw Noni Fruit Juice. Noni is a fermented fruit, it is through the full-term fermentation that take 2 - 4 weeks that juice is created and then extracted. Healing Noni fills orders for raw noni fruit juice at the time of purchase. Raw noni fruit juice is in an active state of fermentation, it has a slight sparkle and often a lighter taste then our pasteurized noni fruit juices.

    Due to the volatility of an active fermentation Raw Noni Fruit Juice does require refrigeration even before opening. This slows down the fermentation process. When in an active fermented state raw noni will build pressure in the bottle, keeping it cool eliminates the worry of stored raw noni fruit juice from leaking. The commercial shelf life for Raw noni fruit juice when refrigerated is 6 months from time of production.


    4. What is the difference between Healing Noni Fruit Juice, Tahitian Noni and other Noni juices?

    There’s little difference between the noni fruit grown in Hawaii and the noni fruit grown in Tahiti or any other region in the world. Noni grows all around the world in fact, Hawaii, Tahiti, China, Malaysia, India… and it is the very same plant in all of these locations. Of course different climates, soil and other factors are more conducive to growing healthy noni plants and producing great fruit. Our farms are in the Puna region on the Big Island of Hawaii where the growing conditions and rich volcanic soil are ideal and our noni trees are lush and full of fruit year round.

    There are however very important differences between our Hawaiian Healing Noni Fruit Juice and many other noni juices irregardless of which part of the world the noni is grown.

    The main difference is that a lot of companies are producing noni juice instead of cultivating noni fruit juice. Noni juice is typically a diluted, watered down mixture of different juices and flavors made from puree and concentrate. The majority of the noni commercial industry formulates their "Noni Juice" product from from a noni pulp, puree or concentrate that is transported to the US in cargo ships and then reconstituted with a mixture of water, grape, blueberry and other reconstituted juices and natural flavors.

    Healing Noni's Hawaiian noni fruit juice is 100% pure with nothing added or taken away. Our noni fruit juice is not made from a puree or concentrate and we do not mix our noni fruit juice with water or other juices. Our finished product is noni fruit juice. Our Healing Noni fruit juice is made using a traditional technique of Hawaiian preparation, a method of natural fermentation and drip extraction. Our noni fruit is hand picked at peak of ripeness ensuring the highest nutritional value and robust fruit.

    Of course you can mix Healing Noni Fruit Juices with water or other fruit juices at home, this way you know how much noni you are getting and you’re saving yourself a lot of money as well!


    Are there cheaper noni products out there, how is that possible?

    Many companies are selling noni made from reconstituted noni puree or from noni concentrates. And several varieties out there contain water and fillers.

    We Provide:

    • Direct from the source
    • High quality and Potency
    • Fair Price
    • Pure Noni Fruit Juice

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