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Processing Noni Fruit

What do you need to know before you buy Noni juice?

Are all Noni juices equal? Theoretically yes, but in practice we have noticed a big difference in the quality of different Noni juices. The reason for this is that not all Noni juices are made the same. But there is even more to it than that.

Here are the things you need to check before you buy any Noni Fruit Juice products. We call it the simple P4 check:

  • Place
  • Processing Method
  • Purity
  • Price

1. Before you buy Noni juice you need to know where it was grown.

The climate of different locations can vary a lot. Some locations are more favorable for growing Noni than others. Healing Noni has its farms in the lower regions of Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. With the ideal balance of sunshine and rain our trees grow to over 50 feet tall.

2. Before you buy Noni juice you need to inquire about the processing method that was used.

  • Make sure your Noni brand is not made from frozen Noni puree or Noni powder.
  • Make sure that the Noni doesn’t get shipped halfway across the country to get processed.
  • Longer fermentation does not increase the potency.

Healing Noni grows, harvests, sundries and processes the Noni juice right at the farm. We use the traditional Hawaiian method called ‘dripping’. The juice made from fresh pure and Organic Noni fruit is then fermented for 3 to 5 weeks before being bottled.

3. Before you buy Noni fruit juice you need to check the purity of the products.

  • Make sure that the Noni fruit juice is not diluted with water.
  • Make sure that the Noni fruit juice does not contain other additives like fruit juice or sugar.
  • Make sure that the Noni fruit juice does not contain any preservatives.
  • Make sure the ingredients state Noni Fruit Juice not Noni Juice, noni juice represents blends, reconstitution's and purees.

Healing Noni sells its 100% pure Hawaiian Noni fruit juice and Certified Organic Noni Juice in its natural state. No water, no fruit juices, no additives or preservatives.

4. Before you buy Noni juice you need to check the price of the products.

Some companies lure customers with fancy bottles and hyped up marketing strategies into believing that their product is much more expensive because it is of higher quality. Don’t believe such statements. For years Healing Noni has been proving that we sell the highest quality 100% pure Hawaiian Noni juice at much lower prices than our competition. The reason for this is very simple - we sell our Noni products farmer direct which saves you money.

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