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Our Noni Story

Healing Noni began in 1998 by Owners, Michael and Allan. Allan comes from a long line of Okinawan farmers where his family has been in farming and working the land for generations who immigrated to Honolulu to work the sugar cane plantations. Both owners were born in Honolulu and their parents were longtime friends. From the start Healing Noni has been committed to preserving  the ancient, traditional Hawaiian methods of production and started with a few small drums of Noni fruit product to supply the local demand.

Healing Noni farms is located on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Puna region and all of the Noni fruit that is grown is planted within the most virgin, nutrient rich, volcanic soil in the world. Some of the Noni trees are over 50 feet high and the fruit is hand picked, washed and sun ripened.

Healing Noni Farm

Today, 22 years later, Healing Noni has grown into the largest producing Noni farm in the state of Hawaii and is considered to be one of the  largest producers of Noni Juice in the world. Healing Noni produces up to 50,000 Gallons of additive free Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice each month which is increasing every month. Despite tremendous growth, Healing Noni has managed to keep our operation a “family & friends” based business, while also being able to provide the local people of the Big Island of Hawaii jobs and opportunities.

Healing Noni Business Partner

Healing Noni takes farming Noni very seriously! We embrace every aspect of production exclusively planting, fertilizing, picking, juicing, and selling our own Organic Noni Juice which ensures that Healing Noni’s hand-crafted, Farm Direct juice is the most potent, Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice available to purchase in the world today.

Healing Noni has been cultivating upwards of 450 acres of Hawaiian Noni and producing Hawaiian Noni fruit juice for more than 22 years on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our passion is selling Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice direct from the farm at the lowest prices on the world market. One of the Benefits of Noni Juice direct from our farm, it is always pure, highest quality and potency at the best possible price.

 The growth of Healing Noni is due to the loyal and wonderful customers worldwide that have written us thousands of Testimonials on how great our product is for wonderful health and we are truly grateful for all the support we have received and continue to receive each day from our customers.

Mahalo (Thanks in Hawaiian) for your interest in our Healing Noni products. We wish you great health every day of your life!

Healing Noni
Telephone: 877.662.4610


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