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Noni Nectar Honey - 12fl. oz Jar


Exclusive, exotic, one-of-a-kind Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey produced by honey bees from the Hawaiian Noni flower.

  • Pure Hawaiian Noni Nectar
  • Unprocessed
  • Raw
  • No added sugar
  • Gluten Free

Suggested Uses

To optimize digestive function: Take 1 teaspoon of Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

As a snack: Drizzle some Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey on raw nuts, goji berries, raw cacao nibs or fruit slices.

In green smoothies: Add 1 teaspoon of Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey to your home made green smoothie after blending all the ingredients.

As a natural sweetener: Can be used to sweeten green teas and Kombucha teas.


Pure Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey

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    How is Hawaiian Noni Nectar Honey‎ produced?

    The praise goes to the bees on our farms – the amazing worker bees gather nectar from the flowers of our noni plants and take their precious cargo back to the hives where the hive bees ingest the nectar to break down the sugars. Once this process is over, the hive bees regurgitate the nectar into a cell of the honeycomb and rapidly beat their wings to evaporate the water remaining in the nectar. As the water evaporates, the natural sugars thicken into honey.

    Product Reviews

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    1. Awesome goodness  star rating

      Posted by kristy

      This honey was very light and healthy tasting. I take it with lemon water in the morning, I am loving it. I was also impressed with how it was packed and shipped. Definitely will recommend to family and friends.

    2. Good Honey  star rating

      Posted by Walter

      This honey tastes very good, no weird after taste. Also, it came packaged in the most effective wrapping I have ever seen. It would take a small explosion to brake that jar of honey once it was sealed in - very well done.

    3. Devine Honey Nectar  star rating

      Posted by MK

      This divine honey nectar has a refined multifaceted taste and is absolutely superb!! Well guys, your packaging and delivery is just amazing! This is aerobatics !!

    4. Tasty Honeys  star rating

      Posted by Kim

      Normally I don’t like honey. But I ordered Noni flower honey. It turns out that it’s wonderful honey. It’s not like other kinds of honey. It’s delicious sweet. Also it’s light texture. Easily to put on toast and mix in icy water. I like to use Noni honey on the toast instead jam. When I have hangovers I mix Noni honey in water to drink which helps me a lot.
      Well insulated packages were delivered from Hawaii to Baltimore Md in 3 days.

    5. Great Honey  star rating

      Posted by Joseph

      Very tasty and good

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