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Kathy's Story

Healing Noni’s skin care products began in Kathy’s Kitchen, with Kathy Hoshijo -hostess of America’s first vegetarian natural foods TV cooking show “Kathy’s Kitchen” (aired nationwide on PBS 1980-1990). Kathy, a pioneer in raising America’s awareness of what we put IN our bodies, also saw the wisdom in avoiding chemicals ON our bodies. In the 1980s, after learning about chemicals from tap water getting inhaled and absorbed into open pores while bathing or showering, Kathy purchased showerhead filters for her home. Awareness of the importance of avoiding chemicals on skin (the largest organ of the human body) led Kathy to read labels on skin care products, and eventually create her own skin care products. 


I believed if the best skin nourishing ingredients were used, the result of effectively nourished skin had to be actual beautifying, visible results

Kathy explains, “I didn’t set out to create a skin care line. I was forced to begin mixing my own skin products in my kitchen because nothing existed that met all the criteria I was looking for. In the 1980s it was impossible to find beauty products completely free of synthetic chemical ingredients. Not only did I want 100% natural that felt like luxurious commercial products, but I believed if the best skin nourishing ingredients were used, the result of effectively nourished skin had to be actual beautifying, visible results.

(Kathy Cooks Naturally - Cookbook)

Using her knowledge of nutrition, traditional healing plants and their oils for optimal health, Kathy began making skin care products using the same foundational premise, as well as superfoods and supplements she already used to care for herself and her family. The premise -the way to keep your body looking and functioning at its best is to provide it with optimal nutrition to build healthy cells – seems to have served Kathy and her family well. Well over 35+ years later, with three generations of family members having used her skin care products, Kathy and family are living proof that healthy skin is beautiful skin. 

Always one to stay informed, as better versions of a nutrient became available, Kathy would upgrade her formula to contain the newer, better form of the ingredient. For example, Hyaluronic Acid (a supplement taken by many to support better hydration of cells) was always an ingredient in the Botanical Moisture Mist, but years ago a Super Low Molecular Weight form of Hyaluronic Acid replaced the original because its small size ensures absorption in deeper layers of live skin cells. 

In her quest to learn more, and find the best quality resources for different superfoods, in a phone conversation with Michael Harvey regarding Healing Noni’s Organic Noni Juice, Kathy mentioned she put noni juice in skin care products she was making for herself and family. Michael’s response, “I have been trying to put together 100% natural, organic as possible, high quality skin care products based on our organic noni; in fact I just received trial samples that don’t measure up!” The result of the shared vision and proven, effective products is Healing Noni Skin Care Products - the purest line of skin care products, containing only Nature’s best skin nutrients carefully selected for their benefits to all skin types. Disclaimer: Results may vary by person

Skincare Line

Colloidal Botanical Cleanse

Colloidal Botanical Cleanse

A unique, non-lathering skin cleanser that gently deep cleans all skin types without causing dry skin or damaging your skin’s natural protective moisture barrier. Disclaimer: Results may vary by person

Noroushing Botanical Face And Carrier Cream

Noroushing Botanical Face And Carrier Cream

The essential final step in daily skincare that nourishes while moisturizing with a luxurious blend of nature’s best botanical oils for skin. Disclaimer: Results may vary by person

Uplifting Botanical Moisture Mist

Uplifting Botanical Moisture Mist

The essential second step in daily skincare - the foundation for skin that looks and feels agelessly soft, smooth, toned and healthy. Disclaimer: Results may vary by person


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