Noni juice with noni fruit

Tahitian Noni

Tahitian Noni International is probably the most common known brand when it comes to Noni juice. Does that mean it’s the best quality Noni juice in the world. Not necessarily. Maybe you should consider the aggressive sales strategies of this brand. Tahititian Noni is distributed through a MLM (multi level marketing) scheme and has often been criticized for its hype marketing and high prices.

MLM is not in any way illegal, but we have to analyze if it is the most beneficial one for the customer. What comes to mind when you hear MLM? Making money, right?

And the way to do it is not so much by selling products, but rather by signing up new sales representatives, to receive a commission on every sale they make. And on and on it goes. They even talk about Noni millionaires.

Does this sound like a sales strategy that is mainly beneficial for the customer? I would say it’s more for the seller.

In our experience Noni customers are only interested in two things:

  • Highest quality Noni juice: which means 100% pure Noni juice produced with a processing method that keeps all the beneficial nutrients intact.
  • Low price

If you are currently buying Tahitian Noni, then ask yourself 3 simple questions

  • Is reconstitution of Noni fruit puree really the best method for producing Noni juice?
  • How much Noni juice is actually in Tahitian Noni? And how much grape juice concentrate and blueberry concentrate is in it?
  • Should 1 quart of Noni juice really cost over $40?

Healing Noni can give you a 1 Gallon (yes 1 full Gallon) of 100% pure Hawaiian Noni juice for $10 less than that.

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