Tahitian Noni Fruit Juice Vs. Hawaiian Noni Juice

Recent scientific research has shown that Tahitian Noni fruit juice and Hawaiian Noni have the same nutrients. This means that they both have the same effect on your body.

Until recently, most of the scientific research about Noni was conducted by Tahitian Noni International. Sales reps of Tahitian Noni International have always tried to convince new customers to buy their products by saying that Tahitian Noni Fruit Juice has more potency than other Noni juices. But science has proven these statements to be false.

Independent studies, like the one conducted by the University of Hawaii, have confirmed that Hawaiian Noni and Tahitian Noni have the same nutritional profile and chemical properties.

Noni is Noni, no matter how you twist and turn it. But what can really differ is the quality of the Noni juice. Here are some tips on how you can check the quality of any brand of Noni juice:

  1. Is the juice 100% pure?
  2. Does the juice contain additives such as water, sugar, fruit juice, preservatives, etc.?
  3. Which method was used to produce the Noni Juice?
  4. And also important to know is: How much does the juice cost?

Tahitian Noni fruit juice has added grape juice concentrate and blueberry concentrate, which makes it hard to know how much pure Noni juice you are actually getting. They and others are reconstituting their Noni juice from Noni puree or powder by adding water.

Healing Noni produces pure Hawaiian Noni juice. It is guaranteed additive free. We use traditional Hawaiian methods to produce our Noni juice to give you the best product possible. We sell our Noni juice at much lower prices than Tahitian Noni fruit juice.