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Sulfate Names


Trying to read labels to avoid sulfates can be tricky because they are listed under many names:

AKAs for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - SLS, SDS, Aquarex ME; Aquarex Methyl; Carsonol SLS; Dehydrag Sulfate GL Emulsion; Dodecyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Sulfate, Sodium Salt; Dodecyl Sulfate, Sodium Salt; Dodecyl Sodium Sulfate; Dreft; Duponal; Duponal WAQE; Duponol C; Duponol ME; Duponol WA; Duponol WAQ; Emal 10; Irium; Lanette Wax-S; Lauryl Sodium Sulfate; Lauryl Sulfate Sodium Salt; Maprofix 563; Maprofix NEU; Maprofix WAC; Maprofix WAC-LA; Monogen Y 100; NCI-C50191; Neutrazyme; Orvus WA Paste; Perklankrol ESD 60; Perlankroll; Quolac EX-UB; SDS; Sipex OP; Sipon PD; Sipon WD; Sodium Dodecylsulfate; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Ether; Sodium N-Dodecylsulfate; Solsol Needles; Sepanol T 28; Stepanol ME; Stepanol ME Dry AW; Stepanol Methyl; Stepanol Methyl Dry AW; Sulfuric Acid, Monododecylester, Sodium Salt; Tarapon K 12; Texapon K 12; Trepenol WA

AKAs for Sodium Laureth sulfate – SLES , Sodium lauryl ether sulfate, Sodium polyoxyethylene lauryl ether sulfate, Sodium laureth-(5,7,8, or 12) sulfate, Sodium lauryl sulfate ethoxylate, Sodium lauryl sulfate ethoxylate, alpha-sulfo-omega- (dodecyloxy) poly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) , Sodium dodecylpoly(oxyethylene)sulfate, sodium salt; dodecyl sodium sulfate; peg- (1-4) lauryl ether sulfate, sodium salt; poly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) , .alpha.-sulfo-.omega.- (dodecyloxy) -, a -sulfo-w (dodecyloxy) -, sodium salt; poly (oxy1,2ethanediyl) , î±sulfoï‰ (dodecyloxy) , sodium salt; polyethylene glycol (1-4) lauryl ether sulfate, sodium salt; polyoxyethylene (1-4) lauryl ether sulfate, sodium salt; sodium peg lauryl ether sulfate, sodium polyoxyethylene lauryl ether sulfate, sodium polyoxyethylene lauryl sulfate,

CAS# 009004-82-4; Laureth-8 carboxylic acid, sodium salt; PEG-(5,7,8, or 12) lauryl ether sulfate, sodium salt; Polyethylene glycol (5, 7, 12, 400, or 600) lauryl ether sulfate, sodium salt; Sodium laureth-(5,7,8, or 12) sulfate

Sodium coco sulfate (SCS) –This is a relatively ‘new’ sulfate that has surfaced on labels as companies try to get away from SLS and SLES in their ingredient lists or try to claim a milder sulfate. Sodium Coco Sulfate guarantees the fatty alcohol was extracted from coconut (rather than petroleum or palm oil). However, all lauric fatty acids have always been derived from one of these three oil origins, so really this name specifies which oil source the end sulfate was originated from. Whatever kind of oil it starts with, the process to make any of the sulfates is –through a number of chemical processes- to extract lauric fatty acid, transform it into lauric fatty alcohol, which is then treated with sulfuric acid (makes sulfate), then finally neutralize to produce the specific form sodium salt. SCS ends up with the same chemical number as SLS, and the same statement on it’s Material Safety Data Sheet; it’s a skin and membrane irritant. AKAs for Sodium coco sulfate - monococoyl ester sodium salt sulfuric acid; sodium salt sulfuric acid, monococoyl ester; sulfuric acid, monococo alkyl esters, sodium salts; sulfuric acid, monococoyl ester, sodium salt.

Other sulfate names –Sodium caprylic sulfate, Sodium capric sulfate, Sodium oleic sulfate, Sodium stearyl sulfate, Sodium myreth sulfate, Sodium dodecanesulfate, Sodium monododecyl sulfate., etc

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