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Raw Noni Fruit Juice and Pasteurized

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So I’m drinking regular Noni not raw what’s the difference and is there a difference in the benefits?



Thank you for your question. The Noni Fruit is a unique flowering fruit. Once it reaches its full maturity it will turn yellow and this is when Healing Noni picks it from the tree. The Noni fruit has the firmness of an apple when picked however within the first 2 days it will begin to soften and begin its fermentation cycle. The full-term fermentation represents the time it takes for the fruit to become juice and for all the enzymes to convert to compounds, becoming Noni Fruit juice. Healing Noni Fruit juice is a dry fermentation process and this period of full conversion takes 2 - 4 weeks. At Healing Noni we process our fruit on our farm and provide the freshest possible whole Noni Fruit juice to our customers from our farm to your fridge.

Most testimonials and research found at the PubMed US National Library of Medicine found on the topic of Noni Juice spanning the last 40 years has been in relation to pasteurized, formulated, blended and extracted Noni Fruit juice. The expectation of use defined by the culture that has grown up around the implementation of Noni into the common diet had never before had access to commercially raw Noni Fruit juice. It has been pointed out that Noni does have some nutrient variables that evaporate during the fermentation period and even more so during pasteurization. Though it is postulated by me that a reason Noni Fruit Juice retains its quality in expectation for use after heating, much of the nutrient value is preserved against pasteurization temperatures, as enzymes typically have a heat threshold of 150 Fahrenheit, compounds withstand higher temperatures.

Raw Organic Noni Fruit Juice is in an active fermentation, like a Kombucha you can expect it to be sparkling and for it to build pressure in the bottle, enough to force leakage in shipping at times. It can have a lighter color and more pleasant taste initially, though as it ages it will darken and its fermented flavor deepens. Raw Noni Juice requires refrigeration even before opening.

Talking with many of our Healing Noni customers over the last 12 years I have found that preference is a lifestyle determinant and that both products provide an excellent compliment in the diet of those who add it. I feel that trying Raw is the best idea, it is also so delicious and a worthwhile experience. The way Healing Noni does it, you are getting Raw Noni Fruit juice essentially ripe from the tree.

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Healing Noni

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