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Noni Taste and Smell


Noni juice is considered to be a natural dry vinegar and has a very distinctive taste. Our Noni is offered directly from the farm. The time from picking a ripe noni fruit out of our orchards to shipping a finished bottled of noni juice is a process that takes less than 2 months. After picking the noni fruit will be rinsed and contained for natural fermentation over a period of 3 to 5 weeks. After fermentation the noni fruit container is drained by gravity and the remaining pulp is pressed; 94% of the fruit becomes juice in this process. The juice is collected raw and bottled or pasteurized and bottled. Within 2 weeks from bottling our farm fresh 100% pure Hawaiian noni juice FedEx is arriving on your doorstep only 2 to 3 business days of having placed an order with your package.

The flavor and sent of noni juice is very signature of a fresh fermentation, rich and pungent to smell. Noni has a tart brisk sensation of taste that is coupled by a deep but dry caramel molasses like sweetness. The bitterness that noni is known for is like that of a dark ale, red wine or an extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Noni has been found to mix well with other juices and for those who are not comfortable with the taste of fermentation the bitterness can be drastically reduced when adding to grape juice or apple juice. Many have stated a preference for mixing 4 ounces of cranberry apple juice with one ounce of noni juice for an enjoyable start to their mornings.


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