Noni and The Immune System

Ever start feeling run down, but then sure enough your body fights through it and you’re good as new again? 

Our bodies come with an amazing protection mechanism that defends us against various microbes, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxins that can make us sick – called the immune system. 

It’s crucial to protect and strengthen this defense mechanism in the body by living a healthy lifestyle and getting plenty of minerals and nutrients. 

That’s where noni comes in – for thousands of years, noni fruit has been known to support immune health. 

First, know about your immune system

The body’s immune system works to eliminate all foreign invaders inside the body that can make us sick. Our immune system is quite complex and interesting, working around the clock in different ways that we hardly even notice!

Our body gets in contact with germs and diseases every day without us realizing it, but the body’s immune system deals with all these invaders usually without a problem, preventing us from getting sick.

But, when our immune system gets run down or weak, it will no longer be able to work at its full capacity. So when pathogens invade our body, we can easily get sick. 

The body needs essential nutrients in order to function and perform at its best. Noni fruit is known to have essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that benefit the body’s immune system. 

How can noni benefit the immune system?

Noni juice is well known for its high levels of antioxidants. This antioxidant component can help prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. The body needs a balance of antioxidants in order to maintain optimal health and remain resistant to various diseases.

Vitamin C present in noni plants is also beneficial for the body. Vitamin C supports the immune system by protecting the cells from environmental toxins and free radical damage. 

Whether you want to strengthen your immune system or support it to fight an existing disease, a daily dose of noni can improve and assist the immune system. Noni supplements can be found in the form of noni capsules, noni powder, and noni juice. 

But, it’s not so simple to find the best noni supplier out there.

The nutritional content of noni found in noni capsules, noni powder, and noni juice can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

At Healing Noni, we have been producing the highest quality noni products for over 20 years, grown on our farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Using ancient traditional Hawaiian methods from seed to bottle, our handpicked noni juice contains no water, no fruit juices, no sugar, no additives, and no preservatives – just as nature intended it to be.