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If you are looking for pure Noni products, you have landed in the right place.

Healing Noni Company has been farming and providing the world with the highest quality Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice for the last 11 years. We plant, fertilize, pick, juice and sell all our own Noni Juice to ensure that we produce the most potent, pure Noni Juice at the lowest prices on today’s world market, (Farmer Direct).

Our farms are located in the lower Puna regions on the Big Island of Hawaii and this means that all of our Noni fruit is grown in the most nutrient rich soil found anywhere in the world. Our volcanic lava soil is so virgin and lush that some of our Noni trees grow up to over 50 feet high.

All ripened fruit is carefully hand picked, washed and sun-ripened to ensure that all the healthy enzymes in the Noni fruit remain intact. Healing Noni Company uses only the ancient traditional Hawaiian methods to preserve the potency of the juice.

Healing Noni now has the largest producing Noni farm in the whole State of Hawaii. We easily produce up to 25,000 gallons of Noni Juice every month and this is increasing rapidly.

Our ultimate goal is to provide everyone with the very best Noni Juice available anywhere and to continue to keep our prices 25-50% lower than any competitor worldwide.

All Healing Noni products, including our Noni juice, Noni powder and Noni concentrate, are made of pure Noni with no added preservatives or other additives.

Aloha and have a wonderful day,

Michael Harvey (Sales Manager)

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