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List of liquid “bad alcohols”


Ethanol AKAs – Alcohol, Absolute ethanol, alcohol dehydrated, anhydrous, denatured alcohol (alcohol denat., or methylated spirits if methanol is used in denaturing –it’s the most commonly used denaturer), distilled spirits, SD alcohol (SD stands for ‘Specially Denatured’ and the number afterwards indicates what chemical formulation was used in denaturing such as : SD Alcohol 3-A, SD Alcohol 30, SD Alcohol 39, SD Alcohol 39-B, SD Alcohol 39-C, SD Alcohol 40, SD Alcohol 40-B, SD Alcohol 40-C), ethyl alcohol, ethyl hydroxide, undenatured alcohol

Isopropyl ( always made from made from Propylene (petroleum product) AKAs - isopropyl alcohol isopropyl alcohol, 1-methylethanol; 2-hydroxypropane; 2-propanol; 2propanol; isopropanol; propan-2-ol; sec-propyl alcohol; 1-methylethanol; 1-methylethyl alcohol; 2-hydroxypropane; 2-propanol

Methanol AKAs - methyl alcohol, carbinol; methyl hydroxide; methylol; wood alcohol; bieleski's solution; carbinol; colonial spirit; columbian spirit

Benzyl alcohol AKAs – a-toluenol; benzenemethanol; benzylic alcohol; phenylcarbinol; phenylmethanol; phenylmethyl alcohol; alpha-hydroxytoluene; alpha-toluenol; benzal alcohol; benzenecarbinol; benzenemethanol

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