Noni is the commonly used Hawaiian name for the tree Morinda citrifolia.

The noni fruit has been a healing herb of the Hawaiians and Polynesians for thousands of years, and word has been spreading more and more about its unique benefits. In laboratory research, noni has shown antioxidant, immune-stimulating, and tumor-fighting properties.

The Noni tree is an evergreen flowering fruit tree. The Noni fruit is approximately the size of a potato and has a lumpy appearance with a waxy, semi-translucent skin that ranges in color as it ripens from green, to yellow, to almost white when it is ripe and ready for juicing.

The noni fruit is special in that it begins to ferment on its own very rapidly after it is removed from the tree. Within a few days of picking, juice naturally seeps from the Noni fruit.

The Juice Process

Healing Noni’s 100% Noni Fruit Juice is produced using ancient Hawaiian methods. Our farms maintain the traditional farming practices from start to finish, passed down from our Kupuna (elders) for generations. It’s how we produce our Noni Juice with the same quality we’ve preserved for over 20 years.

After handpicking, we have a 2-4 week full-term period of fermentation before dripping and cold pressing our juice. This is suggested by the research at the University of Hawaii to be the period required for a full fermentation of the noni fruit.

From the planting of the seed, to the nurturing of the tree, to the harvesting and juicing of the fruit, we ensure that the whole process is done with utmost care and quality so that we can provide the best Hawaiian Noni juice for you.

Where To Find Noni

Noni grows in tropical zones around the equator. Noni Fruit is thought to have originated in India and to have been exported as people migrated East, finding its greatest growing foundation on the Islands of the Pacific.

Nowadays, a lot of companies sell Noni Juice. However, many companies are merely producing noni juice, instead of cultivating noni fruit juice. The Noni juice you will find sold in many stores or online is typically a diluted, watered-down mixture of different juices and flavors made from puree or concentrate.

Our Noni Juice is hand-picked, hand-washed, and sun-ripened before being cold-pressed and aged to perfection right here on our farms in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Made using traditional methods from seed to bottle, our products are guaranteed 100% pure with no hidden additives, sugars, or preservatives.