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My husband and I have been taking the Noni for many years and it made an incredible difference in our lives.

We both had severe seasonal allergies. Mine were mostly to juniper pollen and my husband was reacting to everything that bloomed in the Sacramento area. This meant that he was debilitated for most of the year despite the fact that he took anything he could find over-the-counter. One day he remembered the bottle of Noni that was given to him about a year ago. He started taking 1-2 ounces a day and after about 2 weeks people were asking him what he was taking for his allergies. It was then that he noticed that he was not sneezing anymore. All he had done differently was taking the daily Noni juice. He stopped all over the counter medications and never had an allergic reaction again.

I have lived in NM for about 20 years and every spring I would suffer from severe allergy symptoms. I tried natural remedies like local honey, bee pollen, stinging nettle, etc and also used antihistamines, steroids, inhalers and other prescription drugs. For those of you who have seasonal allergies might know the desperation of finding a way to stop the itchy eyes, running nose and not being able to breath, sleep or function. I have studied western and alternative medicine and make my living as a nurse and massage therapist. I searched the corners of the world to find a cure but never found one until I started the Noni juice that my husband brought to me. Now when spring comes along I see people around me with red watery eyes and I get reminded of the time of the year that made me want to move out of state. If I feel a few sniffles coming on now, I take an extra dose of Noni and instantly it goes away. It is like an IV antihistamine, it has an immediate effect on me. It did take about a year to clean my system with the Noni. It gave me relief in the first year but I still had some minor allergies. I have noticed that it gets better as time goes on. After 3 years of taking the Noni I’m free of allergies except for an occasional sniffle when a yellow cloud of pollen floats my way! I’m so grateful for the Noni since it allowed me to stay in the place that I love and is surrounded by Junipers!

My husband was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2006. He had a blood transfusion about 40 years ago and probably picked up the virus at that time. He was free of symptoms until the summer of 2013. It was then that he developed ascites and a cirrhotic liver meaning that he only had a very small portion of his liver left that was functioning, the rest was scar tissue. It went so fast that we felt that we were falling off a cliff. One day he was strong and vibrant and the next he was very sick and couldn’t get off the couch. We were told that he crossed the line that his liver would ever regenerate and the only way for survival was a liver transplant. His blood work showed end stage liver disease and he could die at any moment from bleeding or liver shut down.

Needless to say, we were stunned and devastated. But with nothing to lose the miracles started to happen. I pretty much stopped working and took care of my husband who was too sick and confused to be by himself. Finances were getting very tight but all of the sudden help came from all directions. One of our friends started sending us free Noni and Goji juice. I tripled the regular dose that we were taking normally. We also worked with alternative treatments but the Noni and Goji juice was the consistent thread through all of the different things we tried.

Now after 6 months my husband’s blood work and overall health has improved to the point that the hospital in Denver rejected him for a liver transplant last month because he was too healthy. He is strong enough to start the antivirals that can actually eradicate the virus. Six months ago he didn’t qualify for the antivirals because he was too sick to tolerate them. He still has good and bad days but I can leave him alone during the day and can work part time again. He also started doing yoga, qigong and we hiked up a trail with a 2000 feet elevation climb last month. Western medicine has no answers for this; the doctors told us it was not possible to regenerate his liver. If we would have believed them we probably would have given up, but we didn’t. He now is regenerating his liver with the help of the Noni and Goji juice.

Jolanda and Jivan.




Here's my testimonial about my experience with Noni/Goji juice. Before I took the Noni/Goji combination Juice I felt exhausted all the time. I had a lot of arthritis pain I couldn't get under total control. My digestion was off too! I had a lot of cramping and bloating! Because I have Celiac Disease I was reluctant to try something new wondering if I could tolerate it. But I was desperate for relief. Needless to say, I tried it. I started with an ounce a day, and felt relief from that within just a few days. Relief of arthritis pain and digestion! I started sleeping more soundly than before and had more energy to help during the day. After a week I upped my dose to two ounces a day. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon to give me that extra kick during that lull time in the afternoon. I also found eating a healthy diet was essential too, as eating a poor diet can decrease the benefit this powerful fruit combination can provide. I know this because I have a background in Nutrition, and worked in that field for many years. Now working a s a free-lance writer, I now have more energy and less arthritis pain which helps my overall focus! Thanks!

Iris New Hampshire

I've been taking Goji berry juice for about 1 month. I have had allergy ( sneezing) attacks for a very long time. Since I started taking Goji berry juice, I haven't had 1 allergy attack. I am not a sickly person so I don't see much of anything else but my allergy attacks not happening anymore is enough for me.

Troy Dupre, Louisiana

I want to thank you for offering the pure organic juice in the glass bottles. My husband saw your website and read all about the remarkable Noni juice, and ordered me 4 bottles as a surprise gift.

I have had Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for twenty three years and it has progressed so much that I have been mostly home bound for a few years. I have had chronic whole body pain for years now from free radical damage caused by the MCS, and you can tell by my skin that there is cellular damage going on. I feel like on the inside and outside that I am decomposing while still alive. I have been to doctors and they do not know what to do about MCS and any of the symptoms except to give me medicines and they make me worse.

I have had test done that prove that my stomach does not digest properly and takes a long time to empty out. This is gross, but when I throw up or have a bowel movement I see food that I ate 3 days ago. Since getting sick I have always had increased stomach acid production and acid reflux, and constant drainage in the back of my throat, and constant congestion in my sinuses and chest, and have trouble breathing through my nose.

My nails have been red for a lot of years from toxins building up because my liver does not function and detox correctly and at times I feel like I have been poisoned because of build up of toxins. I have tried everything including a number of detox kits and they sometimes make me worse instead of better. Now for the reason I wrote you in the first place! I have only been taking 1 ounce of the Noni juice for 5 days now. I can not believe how fast I have gotten such good benefits from it! After the first dose I had a remarkable reduction in body pain, and with the second dose even more reduction in body pain, but I thought I was getting sick from the Noni juice, but what it was doing was clearing out my sinuses and chest congestion, and once it was clear it was over.

For the first time in years I can breathe through both nostrils and I am not flipping back and forth in bed to unstop one side to the other all night, and I am not breathing through congestion in my lungs, and now I do not have drainage in the back of my throat.

After only five days the Noni juice has helped my body pain so much that I feel like I am taking a strong pain medicine, but without any side effects. I have not been able to take man made medicines to help with anything, but I am not having any problem with the Noni juice at all. I no longer have stomach acid pain and reflux either, and my nail redness is mostly gone, and I can see a couple of nail moons coming back which must mean that the Noni juice is helping my liver to detox again. And here comes the gross part back again! Now when I have a bowel movement I can tell it is food I ate the night before, so that means my stomach is back to digesting properly and emptying out correctly again.

The Noni juice has also helped with my depression, and not just because it is making me feel better. I had chemical imbalance depression before I got MCS, and I can tell that the Noni juice is doing repair work in my brain also. I am feeling like I am back on anti-depressants, but without all the side effects and problems I had with them.

I have seen such astounding benefits in such a short time that I am going to increase the Noni juice to one ounce twice daily starting tomorrow. I can tell that the Noni juice is getting rid of all the free radicals, stopping the damage, and working on repairing the damage. I can already see a slight difference in the damage to my skin, and I am sure I will see more improvements in the future.

Thank you for offering the best Noni juice and making it affordable for us!


Teresa Thomas

Teresa's Update

I previously sent you a testimonial on your Noni juice and all the benefits I have received from using it in such a short time. I wanted to give you an update and tell you about this unexpected benefit also. I increased my dosage to one ounce twice daily and within four hours of the second dose my face looked like I had a dermabrasion done without going though all the awful pain! I kid you not! My husband noticed it as soon as he saw me! I am 57 years old and all of the minor wrinkles that I had on my forehead, around my eyes, under my eyes, and around my lips are completely gone now. The few major wrinkles that I had are now reduced to minor ones. Also what I call puppet lines are so improved! The general healthy look of my skin has improved and looks plumper and smoother. I think that is why the wrinkles are smoothing out and mostly gone. I no longer have unhealthy dry free radical damaged skin! I just wanted to thank you again for offering such an amazing juice at an affordable price!

I am very grateful,

Teresa Thomas

My name is Anthony Lopez and this is my testimony.

I have been suffering of lower back pains due to herniated disks for a long period of my adult life. I have gone to doctors at a hospital pain center where they have injected directly into my spine block injections that have a lasting effect of approximately three days.

After therapies and all other treatments with other medications the pain was still there. I thought I was doomed to live with this pain and medical torture forever. So, I read information on the healing properties of Noni. I decided to order Healing Noni. Lo and behold, about two hours after drinking it the pain subsided by at least 80 percent, the first time! It encouraged me to continue drinking more.

After two days of drinking the Healing Noni I felt I was experiencing a miracle. I was dumbfounded! I was so used to pain I was scared it would come back. I was concerned because I felt it was too good to be true. I had never gone three days without pain.

I tell you now; I have no more pain in my back or spine and it has encouraged me to do all the things I could not do because of the pain. I work out, run, bike...all things could not do before. After recent doctor check-ups I have found out that my blood pressure has also gone from high to normal.

I continue to monitor it daily and it has remained consistently normal. I decided to introduce it to my friends and family by sharing my personal Healing Noni. It is rewarding to hear other peoples testimonies, which have experienced the Healing Noni miracle. Healing Noni will always be a part of my and my familys daily diet requirements.

I suggest who ever reads this segment to try Healing Noni. All you have to lose is your pain. Healing Noni has helped me get my life back, mentally and physically. Try it.

I am a military member stationed overseas. For security reasons I will not be specific. The purpose of my message is to let everyone know how amazing Healing Noni has been to me. Far from the medicinal aspects of the Healing Noni, which are fantastic and natural, the ability it has to calm and relax, provide a clear mind and thinking, is absolutely amazing.

I became familiar with Healing Noni through my brother in Chicago, Anthony Lopez. At first I was somewhat doubtful considering all these products in the Internet, which carry all kinds of outlandish claims. I had nothing to lose because it was a gift and I was willing to give it a try.

I have been suffering from sleep deprivation and anxiety for years due to the long hours and stressful environment. I tried the Healing Noni with apprehension only to become amaze at the results. I could not believe it. I finally get true rest when I sleep and wake rested and ready. Not only am I true believer in the powerful attributes of Healing Noni but also it is beyond me how something so helpful and natural has been virtually kept from the knowledge of most of the general public.

Too good to be true? I tell you what; I will bet my twenty years in the service to my nation that you will be amazed as well. Do something good for yourself; Healing Noni is a true miracle.


I had real bad back pain I couldn't even walk. A friend tolded me about noin juice Istarted taking it and I have never had any pain since. I have been on it for 4 years now and I thank god every day for it. I was on all kind's of drug's thanks to noni I am drug free!

By Victor L. Perez (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Odel Dignard (Oshawa, Canada)

I have Type 2 Diabetes and began taking noni on my 41 birthday (11/18/2004). My knees and waist were hurting a little. Since I began drinking Noni Juice the pain in both my knees and waist had disappeared. Noni have also given me a sounder mind. I'm giving it to my wife and kids. Also I have to say that your service is great, I have ordered 2 bottles of 32 oz and a gallon recently, and on both times I have received the merchandise on the 2nd day after ordering it. Thanks.

Victor L. Perez (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Hello Michael, Well, I never really kept tract of when I first started taking noni. I know that the taste did not bother me that much at all, I drank it straight up and still do.

The first thing I noticed after drinking noni for a while, I would say about two weeks, was that I felt more calm and at ease. I also discovered that my aching joints weren't as painful, my energy level was improved, and I think that my thinking had improved also, but I am no rocket scientist by any means. I even put noni on bug bites and scratches, it does smart a little but not much. It also helps in irregularity, so you have to start off slow in taking it.

I myself started off with 1oz. a day and now I take 3-5oz, some times mixed with wild blueberry juice. I find the best time to take noni is, half hour before a meal or two hours after a meal, I prefer two hours after a meal. I some times take 3onces about an hour before I go to bed, I sleep like a baby.

Anyway, everyone has a different metabolism, so the effects of noni could be different in some people than others. To me, I think I will always drink noni, it makes me feel good.

Joe Gilgen (East Falmouth, Massachusetts)

I have been using Noni Juice for 5 months and my health has dramatically improved. I have only tried this one brand of Noni Juice so I don't know how it compares with others.

The first thing I noticed was a big improvement in my energy level. That fatigued feeling has gone. My blood pressure has really decreased to the point that I am now off medications. I have osteoarthritis which was painful and after taking Noni Juice for just 3 months I have no more pain. I used to have "floaters" in my eyes and these seem to be gone. My varicose veins appear to be diminishing.

I consider Noni to be a wonderful addition to my life and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Kathy Swetnam (Namaimo, Canada)

1. Your noni is the only brand I have tried, and I am about 3/4 thru my first gal.

2. Yes

3. I have good health. I am 55, and have some mild mild issues.

1. Slight high blood pressure; It seems to be decreasing since I've started using noni.

2. I feel I have been sleeping better and waking up more alert.

3. I have been on glucosamine for lower back pain for about a year, however I am gradually switching from it to noni. I will keep you informed on my results.

Ivan Beckendorf (Crescent City, California)

Hello, in Dec. of 1995 I was working on a tow truck "I'm a ASE certified master tech" I took the truck on a test drive and noticed a lack of power. So I pulled over and did a minor timing adjustment. While I was under the hood the truck started to roll, "Park and the Ebrake was set." I jumped down and tried to stop the truck but I felt a snap in my lower back and my legs went numb. I fell and the truck drove up on my right side exploding L3,L4,L5 disc and forcing the siatic nerve into my hip bone and kinking the nerve in that position. I had 2 emergency surgeries the second one was to cut bone from my hip to clear the nerve.

I've been on pain control meds ever sence.in 1999 I was put on methadone which worked well but still had a pain level of 4 to 6 on a 1 to 10 scale.which I thought thats the best it will ever get at 20 mg per day.

I was introduced to noni at a college national rodeo here in Casper and got some info on the product.I went to GNC and purchased some mixed fruit noni which was the highest quality the had. 32 oz for $32.

and noticed a little improvement.Then I found Healing Noni that is Pure Noni which Ive been taking for 2 months now.

My pain level is down to a wonderful 0 to 2 on a bad day and I'm down to 5 to 10 mg and slowly reducing because the noni makes the meds ALOT more efective and hopefully in a couple of months I'll be completely off the pain meds.

My doctor also noticed a huge drop in my blood pressure. From 160 over 105 to 128 over 75. The higher levels were at that range for over 2 years.

I believe that God talks through people and I'm so thankful for finding Healing noni.

I wish I could tell everybody about Noni!

Thank you and God Bless

Todd Sternberg (Casper, Wyoming)

Is real good price & fast service -- Thank you.

Manuel Ayala (Omaha, Nebraska)

I have been using your noni juice for approx 6 months my doctor has taken me off blood pressure meds, cholestrol meds and i have lost 60 lbs. I also use to wake up with back pain so bad that i would have to stop on the steps going down stairs and sit until by back would ease off and now NO Pain Leg pain is also gone and I have More energy at age 46 than when i was 30 I do take 2 oz in AM and 2 oz Pm.

I will continue to purchase from you at a great price thanks for keeping the price down, Now if we could only get shipping down LOL

James Baker (Albany, Georgia)

I kind of have two testemonies and I am working on four. My 9 year old son has had migriane headaches for most of his life. They came almost on a daily basis,sometimes twice a day sometimes all day. We've had MRI's done, eye tested, and no one can tell us why and the only thing they want to do for him is; "Give him Motrin and throw him in a dark room."

Since he has been taking the Hawaiian Noni about six months, his headaches have cut back at least 90%. He takes an oz. in the morning and an oz. before bed and if he gets a headache, he runs for the Noni which most of the time but not everytime, immediately takes away his headache.

As for Me. I have been taking Noni to help me lose weight. I haven't really done anything to change my diet, and the weight is slowly coming off. I also have the added benifit, of most energy. Usually after I finish making dinner and eat , I am done for the day. But now I noticed,I still have plenty of energy left at the end of the day.

I have just started my 11 year old son on it for his allergies. I will let you know how it goes and My Husband has a lot of stomach problems and I just started him too. I will keep you posted. Thank you.

Sondra Brummer (Wasilla, Alaska)

Got to hand it to you folks. There is noni juice and then there is noni juice. I believe this is the strongest noni I have ever tried. Stronger than the other noni i bought from hawaii in the past. Keep up all the good work. Of course I go to a homeopath also but just one ounce a day and your noni has knocked me on my kiester!!!!! Ha ha, wow!!!!! keep up the good work..... regards, Dave

Dave Livingston (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

The bad cholesterol is lower, my digestion is better, minor pain joints. Is great noni juice.

By Jose Mauro Lopez (Orange Park, Florida)

I would like to start with support for Hawaiian Noni. As you know,Tahiati was the site of many nuclear tests, and residual radiation is still a concern in some areas. Hawaii is an pure natural area, surrounded by millions of square miles of cleansing oceans, fresh air and strong sunlite.

I feel Hawaiian Noni is superior! As to effectiveness, I discovered Noni after a strange virus hit me, and kept me from work, and caused many weeks or recovery time. Since beginning my daily Noni supplement, I have felt better, am resistant to colds & flu, and strongly recommend it.

My dosage is 2-3 oz. in the am, double if any problems like sinus or tiredness. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great Hawaiian Noni product.

Michael (West Orange, New Jersey)

I have been jogging for 12 years now. Within the last year I was constantly feeling pain and stiffness in my knees every time I ran. Last December, I took off of running for the whole month figuring that the pain would go away. I was wrong I had as much pain as before.

One day at my health club I read some brochures on Noni Juice and decided to give it a try. The person at the Health Club was selling Tahitian Noni at much more than what you were selling Hawaiian Noni. I could not afford to pay what they were asking so I bought some of yours.

After taking Noni for 1 1/2 months my pain and stiffness went away. Now I am running pain free. I really knew that Noni was great when I had a tooth surgically extracted and did not need pain medicine or even aspirin after the gas wore off...

This is a miracle, now I am teaching others about the value of Noni Juice versus pain medicine.

Eugene R. Bischoff Jr. (Chalmette, Louisiana)

It has been my personal experience that 100% Noni Juice, that which has not been mixed with other fruit juices, is far better than for the body in so many ways.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2002 after having a biopsy. After seeking several opinions on various treatment protocols and talking to other men with the same condition, I decided to pursue the path of natural healing.

In a nutshell, Noni juice helped do wonders for my body on a wholistic level. This form of Noni helped boost my immune system to combat disease and toxins that help contribute to my disease. It was the best complement to my natural healing protocol of other vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

The first sign that something was changing for the better was when the "moons" in my fingernails started returning. One doctor that I had been consulting with said that was a clear indication that the antioxidant effect of the Noni was doing its job. Keep in mind that none of the doctors knew what form of Noni I was taking. I bought a very large amount in my first order from this site.

And, before you ask, yes, I have tried "many" other brands, but they didn't work for me. You name it, I've tried it; from the most expensive ($40) to the cheapest $13.00). What was common in all of them, they all had other fruit juices added, and I guess there is a reason for that, namely taste and tolerance. 100% Noni is hard to stomach but there is a way to deal with that. However, taking Noni in the unadulterated form works more effectively and quicker, depending upon the degree and severity of the ailment or disease.

Pure Hawaiian Noni is the way to go

If you want results. But keep in mind, cure is a journey and it requires patience and faith in knowing that the Creator has given us all of the things that we need to help fight disease and stay well. Noni is the pathway.

By James W. Preston, Sr. (Washington, D.C.)

I had back surgery 2 years ago and know I have no disk on L5 of my vertrabre. I had alot of syadic nerve pain down my leg and was put on vioxx for the inflamation causing this. With the noni juice I nolonger have to take the vioxx that has been shown to cause heart problems. I feel the noni juice has been the best thing that i have ever came across because it works and I no longer take any meds at all.

By Marty Beck (Petersburg, Indiana)

Hi, I took a jungle trip in Tahiti in 2002 and ran into women making Noni in the jungle/rainforest. They gave us some Noni to try, and it tastes exactly like your Noni.

I am a Sports Medicine Acupuncturist and I have all my patients with Arthritis and several other conditions on Noni. I have them order it directly from Healingnoni.com, since your prices are the lowest I have found. Cosco sells Noni.....but it is diluted with Grape Juice. Be careful of purchasing Noni that has other additives.

Feel free to contact me, I have no financial interest in this company, I just love the product.

By Marla Sweeney (Bishop, California)

Thank you so much. You have no idea what YOUR noni juice means to me. I am a living testimonial to Noni juice. I know that when I take several ounces daily, I feel like a normal person or what I think a normal person should feel like. Without it, I begin to debilitate very rapidly.

Noni regulates so many of my bodily systems that when I am COMPLETELY without it, such as I have been now for 4 days, I begin to feel dreadfully ill.

The nausea from the pain of my affliction, the actual burning in my connecive tissues, the sleepless nights from which there is no recovery and the dog tiredness.

I hope the juice comes soon....the next step is the pain and aching of different body parts. I don't look forward to that. My senses are dulled, I have a headache....and a low grade fever, the glands come up in my neck when I don't sleep....

Feel free to use this information. The doctors here don't seem to care that Noni is the only thing that has helped me.

Colleen Robin

In one month, I lost 20 lbs, blood pressure went from 190/110 to 140/70 blood sugar went from 7.2 to 5.9 I have lots more energy and I feel great. This was just after one month, I can't wait to see next months results. This is really one of Gods natural cures.

Tom Ellis (Highland, Maryland)

I began taking Noni available in drug stores in August of 2003 in an effort to prevent any new malignant tumours. By October of the same year I was taking Hawaiian Healing Noni.

I had been suffering with an auto-immune disease of the thyroid gland (Graves Disease) since 1997, and taking cycles of anti-thyroid drugs (tapazole). The condition caused a plethora of symptoms and profound weight gain.

I had completed a course of anti-thyroid drugs in August, 2003, and was expected to be very ill and on the next cycle by January, 2004. It is now December, and I have no symptoms of Graves Disease, and have not taken tapazole since Noni was introduced into my life.

After six doses of Noni (2 ounce doses, twice daily), the symptoms of arthritis in my feet had vanished.

For countless years I've been dragging down the stairs in the morning in a slow haul to the cappuccino machine. After 3 days of Noni, the first time I bounded down the stairs, I reached the capp. machine in record time, and in my sleepy stupor, turned and looked back at the distance I had covered in pure amazement! I had not expected such dramatic results and in such a short period of time!

I put my aging Golden Retriever on Noni that very day. She's getting around as a dog without arthritis, and enjoys her ounce of Noni each morning with a slice of whole wheat bread. The almost-effortless weight loss is a welcome benefit, too!

I've had acne since age 10, but there's no evidence of it. I'm now 40 with no acne, and have the energy of a 25-year-old! When I tell strangers about the thyroid disease, breast cancer, arthritis, acne, etc., they think I'm trying to sell something because it sounds too good to be true. I can scarcely believe it myself!

My friends of many years are very happy for me, and many of them, and most of my family, have been turned on to this magical, life-enhancing fruit. I thank God for his great gifts, and for making something that heals without side-effects.

Paula Drennan (Destrehan, Louisiana)

In 2001 I was diagnosed with Systemic lupus and fibromyaligia, high blood pressure and I was told about noni juice and ignored the information a year ago I started drinking noni juice and all the aches and pains went away I haven't had a lupus flare in a year and I'm recommending noni juice to everyone I know.

I will be ordering from you from now own. Thank you for your website. I've found your prices to be affordable.

Carole McKenzie (Atlanta, Georgia)

My wife and I have been using Noni juice for about 3 months. Last month she went in for her annual blood test. After receiving the results she was amazed to see her Total Bilirubin drop from over 1.3 since age of 12 to 0.7(normal is 0.4 - 1.3). This means her liver is healthier now than ever before. She notices a great flush and body heat after taking the Noni, whether juice or capsules. Also - her appetite is reduced and she's lost several pounds per month since taking Noni Juice.

We both only take once a day about 1/2 hour before breakfast. I have more energy and can work longer and harder and I'm 61, she's 47. I've sold a few to people who smoke and they seem to feel an immediate result within 15/20 minutes. Also, for anyone with a drinking problem the Noni is a must, if you want to live longer and can reduce the desire for alcohol.

This fruit must have come from the gods, we both love what Noni has done and are committed for life.

Al Wagner

Last Oct. when I got my first 3 bottles of Healing Noni from you I wrote you soon after to order another 12 more 32oz. bottles. I had been using other brands of Noni from local stores and also online for a few weeks. BUT when I used your juice right away there was a difference.

Both of my knees that I was told two years ago would have to be replaced, noticed that they did not hurt. I e-mailed you to tell you and you replied and asked if I wanted to include my testimony in your records. I declined as I wanted to give it more time and I had a blood test scheduled in Dec. and I wanted to see what the results would be of that.

Well, the GOOD NEWS is that my Hemoglobin AiC went from 7.2, 7.1, 7.8, and 7.3 over the past 2 years to 6.4 (normal is below 6.5) My doctor is impressed! Also my blood pressure, which has been elevated, was great: 94/58. He wrote me a letter that all the tests came back normal or very close to it, which at my age (76) is great. I gave a bottle of your Healing Noni to my friends 90 year old mother who has been a nutrition buff most of her long life. My friend called me a week later to tell me her mother can now wear her shoes ALL day now because her bunions are not hurting her anymore. Praise God! She wants two more bottles, so I am ordering another 12 bottles as my friends brother and his wife now want to try it too.

I thank God for His creation and call natural products like Noni Fruit as being from God's Pharmacy. Thank you all for offering this great product at reasonable prices. God Bless all at Healing Noni.com

by Mary Bohnen