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Noni Juice Testimonials

.. My husband and I have been taking the Noni for many years and it made an incredible difference in our lives ...

Jolanda and Jivan.

I want to thank you for offering the pure organic juice in the glass bottles. My husband saw your website and read all about the remarkable Noni juice, and ordered me 4 bottles as a surprise gift ...

... Thank you for offering the best Noni juice and making it affordable for us!


Teresa Thomas

... I consider Noni to be a wonderful addition to my life and I wouldn't give it up for anything ...

Kathy Swetnam (Namaimo, Canada)

Is real good price & fast service -- Thank you.

Manuel Ayala (Omaha, Nebraska)

Got to hand it to you folks. There is noni juice and then there is noni juice. I believe this is the strongest noni I have ever tried. Stronger than the other noni i bought from hawaii in the past. Keep up all the good work. Of course I go to a homeopath also but just one ounce a day and your noni has knocked me on my kiester!!!!! Ha ha, wow!!!!! keep up the good work..... regards, Dave

Dave Livingston (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

I would like to start with support for Hawaiian Noni. As you know, Tahiati was the site of many nuclear tests, and residual radiation is still a concern in some areas. Hawaii is an pure natural area, surrounded by millions of square miles of cleansing oceans, fresh air and strong sunlite.

I feel Hawaiian Noni is superior! As to effectiveness, I discovered Noni after a strange virus hit me, and kept me from work, and caused many weeks or recovery time. Since beginning my daily Noni supplement, I have felt better, am resistant to colds & flu, and strongly recommend it.

My dosage is 2-3 oz. in the am, double if any problems like sinus or tiredness. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great Hawaiian Noni product.

Michael (West Orange, New Jersey)

... Thank you all for offering this great product at reasonable prices. God Bless all at Healing Noni.com ...

by Mary Bohnen

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Wherein "100% pure" is mentioned in connection with our noni products it means no preservatives, no water, no sugar, no fruit juices or any other flavors are added.

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