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Noni Juice Ingredients

The Noni juice ingredients list for our Healing Noni juice would be very short indeed. In fact, our Noni juice is certified 100% pure Hawaiian Noni juice. It is 100% additive free. No fruit juice, sugars or preservatives are added.

We use only fully ripened fruit and about 5 lbs. (2 kg) of fresh Noni fruit produces 32 oz. (960 ml) of Noni Juice. The color of our Noni juice is golden amber to reddish dark brown, depending upon the age of the Noni juice. Occasionally you will find some pulp.

The ripe Noni fruit is harvested and cleansed. The noni fruit will age-ferment for 3-5 weeks and juice itself.  The juice is then collected, pasteurized and bottled, (or sold in bulk).

We recommend that you store your Noni juice in a cool, dry place. Its shelf life is 2-3 years unopened and about 8-10 months opened and refrigerated.

Many Noni juice companies have ingredients other than Noni juice such as fruit juices, water, sugar, and other additives and preservatives. We believe that you would want to know how much Noni juice you are getting so we stick to selling pure Noni juice.  Who knows how much Noni juice is actually in those mixed fruit juices anyway?

If you don’t want to drink your Noni juice on its own then we recommend that you mix the Noni juice with water or the fruit juice of your choice.

This is why you should always check the label of a particular Noni juice to see what the ingredients really are. Don’t be fooled by popular brand names. Buy only 100% pure Noni juice!

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Wherein "100% pure" is mentioned in connection with our noni products it means no preservatives, no water, no sugar, no fruit juices or any other flavors are added.

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