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What is Noni Juice? What is Noni Juice?

Noni is a tree, scientifically named, Morinda citrifolia, it grows throughout the tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean, from Southeast Asia to Australia and has been recognized for its healing benefits by the people who have long inhabited this area of the world. The noni tree can grow to be 33 feet tall. It has large thick dark green spade shaped leaves and yeilds a flowering fruit.

Healing Noni's 100% Natural Farm Direct Fruit Juice is produced according to the traditional Hawaiian recipe. We use only the whole fruit, no bark or leaves.

Noni fruit turns yellow as it ripens and has a strong cheese like odor. The noni fruit is special in that it begins to ferment on its own very rapidly with nothing added. The juice that naturally seeps from the Noni fruit is called Noni juice. It is collected from carefully selected and washed ripe Noni fruit after a short period of fermentation.

Healing Noni Company offers a 100% Pure fresh fermented Noni Juice. The typical fermentation period for our juice is 4 to 5 weeks. This means that two months proir to recieving your order the fruit that produced it was on a tree.

Noni juice has a golden amber to reddish dark brown color, depending upon the age of the Noni juice. It takes about 5 lbs of Noni fruit to make a quart of clear juice, (without pulp).

Healing Noni recommends flavoring our pure Noni Juice with natural grape, raspberry, cranberry apple or blueberry juice as needed to give it a delicious, fruity taste without the natural fermented dry bitterness of 100% pure noni juice. However, many of our customers report that they have come to like the flavor of Fresh Pure Noni Juice and prefer taking it by itself.

Some producers and processors of other branded noni juices on the market have already added varying amounts of fruit juice to their Noni beverage. Healing Noni offers 100% Pure Noni Juice directly from the souce, our orchards on the Big Island of Hawaii. When you purchase our 100% pure Hawaiian Noni Juice you can be certain that you are getting the highest quality noni juice, and as always, at the lowest price on the market.

Where Noni Grows

Where Noni Grows