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What is Goji

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'What is Goji?' is a frequently asked question.

Never heard of Goji?

You're not alone. This powerful health secret of the Himalayan region will forever change your view of the supplements available today.

The Goji plant grows into an 8-10 foot tall shrub that has a life expectancy well over 100 years. It's a tough plant that was originally found in the Himalayas, but also grows well in parts of China, Mongolia and Tibet.

Goji's scientific name is 'lycium barbarum'. In the Western world it is also known as 'wolfberry'. There are at least 40 varieties of Goji and its benefits have been published in popular Asian scientific journals like the Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, China Pharmacology and Toxicology and Chinese Herb News magazine. Read the studies here.

What is Goji's history?

The history of Goji can be traced back thousands of years and is an intricate part of Chinese and Asian folk medicine. There are many Chinese legends in connection Goji, most of them about Goji's ability to extend a person's life well beyond 100 years.

Which parts of Goji are used?

The fruits, leaves and flowers of the Goji plant can all be used. While the fruits can be taken fresh, juiced or dried, the leaves can be made into a tea, and the flowers used as decoration. Goji juice is the most popular product made from this unique plant.

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