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Side Effects to Noni Juice

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There are no known side effects to Noni juice. Over the years we have heard that a few people have experienced some minor discomfort,(such as bloating or mild digestive trouble), when they first started to drink Noni juice. Noni juice definitely has a laxative effect on some people and usually we’ve found that these individuals simply started with a dosage too high to begin with. Just follow the recommended dosage and if you are unsure or have any kind of health-related condition, consult with your physician first.

The FDA has a list called GRAS, (generally regarded as safe). Many people have the misconception that products are not safe if they are not on the list. However, the purpose of this list is to establish the safety of products only where there are widespread concerns about a product's safety. For example, products such as salt and pepper, which were commonly consumed before 1958, are known to be safe and are not on the list.

Noni has been consumed for hundreds of years and no side effects or dangers have ever been reported. The War Department’s Technical Manual, ‘Emergency Food Plants and Poisonous Plants of the Islands of the Pacific’, dated April 15, 1943 shows a line drawing of Morinda citrifolia and states that it is edible.

The manual says, "Morinda citrifolia: This is a shrub or small tree, varying from 4 or 5 to 10 or 15 feet in height. It is common along the seashore. The flowers are white and the fruits are greenish white. The young leaves and the young fruits may be eaten raw or cooked, and the mature fruits, deprived of their seeds, may also be eaten.

Noni is not on the GRAS list because it has never been considered unsafe. The FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, (202-418-3090), focuses on products where a decision is needed. It primarily focuses on food additives, food colors and similarly synthetic products rather than on naturally growing fruits and vegetables. According to them - if scientists generally consider a product safe - it does not have to go on the list.

Noni has been used in traditional Polynesian medicine for hundreds of years and can be considered safe for humans, including children and pets. There are no records of any side effects to Noni juice.

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